you’ll always be my #2

I haven’t participated in a San Diego Momma PROMPTuesday in awhile, but this one sparked something in me that I simply could not pass up.

Today’s PROMPT = Write about a friend who makes me laugh; my fun friend.

DISCLAIMER: Be forewarned–this post is a little on the crass side, so any faint at heart readers should not proceed.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I like words that rhyme with poo. I think this fascination began back in the 90’s while I was working at Stu Segall Productions in the extras casting office. One of the many gals I worked with in that office was a tall, slender, hilariously funny gal that made me crack up ALL THE TIME. After a few nights of going out for drinks with each other after work, it became very clear that we were going to be life-long friends. Our sense of humor was strangely similar and revolved around Saturday Night Live skits (i.e. Cheerleaders and Mary Catherine Gallagher), singing Ethel Merman and rhyming things with the word poo.

I’m not sure how the poo thing started but the first recollection that poops pops into my head is singing along with the radio. Whenever we didn’t know the words we would just subsitute them with random words that have no meaning, like faarhn, faarhn, faarhn, and scooby doobie doo (one of the main reasons I did not ask her to be my back-up singer on Don’t Forget the Lyrics). One song in particular went something like “I’m in love with poo, scooby doo, shoo shoo shoo.” Out of that I somehow began calling her Poo; endearing, I know.

And the irony of this post on this particular day is that I called her just a little while ago to see if she wanted to go to Disneyland with us next week. The occasion? Lily’s 10th poo poo on the potty. I have been promising Lil that Disneyland will be her reward for 10 #2’s on the potty and today was the big day. And who better to share this special occasion with besides my old friend Poo?

My TOP 10 Favorite Memories of Poo:

  1. Watching her drink a shot of Ranch Dressing at her “Poo” b-day party at my old apartment–the girl loves ranch!
  2. Pounding Sipping Mimosa’s at 9:00am at what used to be Hamburger Mary’s in Hillcrest and then riding the carousel at Seaport Village for a good hour while kicking our legs up in the air and shouting, “I love it, love it, love it” a la Molly Shannon’s Liscensed Joyologist character on SNL.
  3. Driving to the set of Crowned and Dangerous at 4:00am, where we had to check in 200 beauty pageant extras, and singing the entire soundtrack to Hair while eating Sunshine Breakfast sandwiches from Carls. Our favorite song being “Good Morning Starshine”–of which our verison went something like–Slibby slobby slooby, slibby slobby slooby La La La La Lo…
  4. Many a Monday night at Seau’s watching Monday Night Football. And what I mean by watching is drinking shots of Goldschlager and finding out who won in the breakroom at work the next day.
  5. Spending an entire day recovering from a night out (see above) and watching all my old favorite movies, on VHS–A Fish Called Wanda, Jerry MacGuire, and The Goodbye Girl– “He left his guitar!”
  6. Being told, multiple times, to stop dancing in the aisles at the Pointer Sisters concert at (The) Humphrey’s. We still don’t understand how even the preppy conservatives that frequent Humphrey’s just sit down when they hear such jams as Automatic and Jump.
  7. Talking to each other on the phone nearly every day of our pregnancies to commiserate, share stories, and ask whether or not it was wrong to order a venti chai latte and a donut on the way home from the glucose test.
  8. Coining the term “crap wrap” in Ramona–how can anyone buy plain plastic wrap now that press n’seal wrap exists?
  9. Calling each other with daily affirmations because we’re good enough, smart enough and doggone it, people like us. Well at least we like us, and that’s all that matters!
  10. Spending New Years Eve 2008/09 with her family and mine at LEGOLAND and La Costa Resort–still not sure if it was the popcorn, the latte, the pizza, the marinated olives, or the sushi that caused my Barforama that night, but I sure had fun leading up it.

Poo is still one of my very best friends in the world. Her humor and her zest for life are contagious. Thanks Hayley for filling my life with endless laughter!

And to quote my favorite comedy of all time, that we’ve quoted oh maybe 4,000 times together, “You’re my boy blue!”



  1. 1
    Hayley (Poo) Collings Dziak says:

    Oh no you di-int! Oh Mary, thank you for making me cry this morning! Good, happy, grateful crying that is! Thank you for making me laugh just as hard or harder! You know there has been many a late night Saturday that I wanted to call you about SNL and had to wait anxiously until the morning (because we having sleeping children now!) to recant and pee my pants! You are my go to girl for all things of hilarity! The memories of our days together at Back-GROUND-San-Dee-Eggo are priceless! I can’t tell you how excited I was to find another person who got it! You had my back, my boot size and loved half shirts and overalls just as much as I did! The mere fact that people got us confused ALL THE TIME goes to show that we were somehow cast from the same mold. (Maybe it’s the born in the same hospital thing??) You made coming to work worth getting paid a measly "20 dollars the white house" for 15 hours of work (or more)! Oh the memories. I am so blessed and thankful that our friendship has only grown and become stronger over the years; that we have been able to change and become mothers and wives and yet can still laugh at the dumbest, yet most hilarious, things in life. How bout the CD you made for "my boy blue" featuring the hit song "Danny’s Dong". Are you kidding me?! Thank you for the MULTITUDE of laughs we’ve shared and the many more yet to come! Thank you for honoring me as your "friend who makes you laugh"! Right back at you Mar! I love, love, LOVE you!! Muah! your friend always…Poo

  2. 2

    I love poo too! And I always quote SNL! And I make up words to songs!

    I can be your and Hayley’s new best friend!

    I can’t wait.

    CALL ME!

  3. 3
    Da Goddess says:

    Now that’s a great friend!

  4. 4

    Deb’s not lying. She does have a thing for poo. Hayley MUST be a great friend to let you call her that! ;D

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