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A new episode of Monday Momsense is up and running. This week you will get a glimpse into just how un-domesticated I really am and hopefully laugh WITH me and not AT me. I am joined by my three year ol, Lily, who undoubtedly steals the show with her rendition of So What and I Got A Feeling.

This Momsense was inspired by Tony Robbins, who is my latest and greatest self-help obsession. Where has this guy been all my life? He’s helping me get through my bi-annual head-trippiness and get focused. And so out of my desire to be a better mom and a better keeper of the homestead sprung this nifty vlog, where I learn something new and share my experience with all of you.


If you’ve missed any previous episodes you can check them outhere.



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    Crystal says:

    So a ‘MckLinky’ is something I picked up from the MamaKatsLosinIt blog – when she does her weekly Writer’s Workshops. The function is to allow other bloggers to link directly back to their posts related to the original blogger’s topic, without having to enter a comment. They just click on the MckLinky thing, enter a title, and then the URL to their post – and voila – a growing list of linkys that other people can click on at their leisure. ;)

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    MomZombie says:

    You know, I’ve been sewing buttons for years and I’m sure I’m doing it all wrong. I know nothing about criss-crossing and shanks. All I know is that button is on again, right or wrong. In fact, I’m sure every sew job I’ve ever done has been a pathetic attempt that wouldn’t pass Sewing 101. I even own a sewing machine and managed to break every needle the first day. One word: seamstress.

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