what i learned today

Today I learned some really interesting things:

1) The words “whole”, “oat” and/or “grain” should be in the very first ingredient on your cereal label and the sugar grams should be no more than 8. Luckily my fave MultiGrain Cheerios fits into that description. Do you think Apple Jacks fits into that category? I forgot to check.

2) The doctor recommends LESS than an hour every other day of tv for 3 year olds. Okay, so I kinda knew this one, but seriously? That means one episode of Sesame and I’ve shot my proverbial wad for the day.

3) JT is back on the market. Woot Woot!

4) I do not like 12 year old girls (not including my adorable nieces who are 12). This fact is definitely of concern for me considering I have two young daughters who will someday grow up to be 12. I discovered this fact today on the neighborhood playground while talking to one such annoying, pre-pubescent, precocious, know-it-all 12 year old. I kept thinking while she was talking that I wanted to record our conversation so I could transcribe it here on my blog, but alas I had no recording device and hence I cannot remember one specifically annoying comment. But basically, she was obsessing over how much she would hate to be rich because that would mean she has killed a lot of trees and also because she doesn’t want to be stuck up or worried about material possessions. And she really hates every boy in the whole wide world, except for her dad and her friends’ dads and brothers. All the rest of them can die.

I think this conversation annoyed me so much because I probably said the EXACT same things when I was her age. And because I am going to be subjected to such pointless dribble for many a dinner table conversation in the years to come.

Oh, and did I mention that this same girl wants to be a famous writer and be really rich. And that she doesn’t ever want to kiss a boy but wants to be married to someone famous.

I’ve seen my future and instead of sunglasses I’ll take some aspirin, some earplugs and a cold glass of chardonnay with a JT twist.



  1. 1
    Crystal says:

    OK…first off ‘shot your proverbial wad’???? That just brings up images I don’t really want to think about at 11:56pm…hehe. ;)

    And my oldest will be turning 12 this month…I love her…but her friends??? Not so much. hehe. I make sure all fraternizing takes place at someone else’s parents house, so I don’t have to hear "So I was like…and then we were all…and then I was totally like all…OMG! Whatever." – because then I would have to go Leonardo Da Vinci on my ears. We are having make-up arguments/discussions (and not like pretend discussions, but mascara/lip gloss/eyeliner)…but she doesn’t really "like like" boys yet, she’s a pretty respectful little gal, and she’s a big helper for me with the younger kidlets. But she definitely has peers who have not been made to be responsible for anything…and I want to kick them out of my house about 5 minutes after they’ve arrived. So yeah…one day your girls will be 12 too…good luck with that. ;) I’ll keep you posted on my adventures in the life of the mom of a 12 yr old.

  2. 2
    Mary Burt-Godwin says:

    Sorry for the imagery Crystal, it was all I could come up with at that time of night.

    And yes, you touched on a big point I forgot to mention–the "um likes" and the "OMGs". Please keep me posted as to how you fair the 12 year old stage. I’m sure it seems worse than it is. :-)

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