live it up with a dream board date night

At the risk of getting my hubby’s man-card revoked from him, I am going to blog about the “Dream Board Date Night” he and I had the other night.

If you’re not familiar with a dream board, it’s essentially a collage of photos/pictures/images/words that speak to you in some way and represent the way you see your life, the things you want to have and the dreams you aspire to achieve. I first learned about dream boards when I read The Secret a few years ago. The premise is that if you put your dreams out to the universe, and actually look at them with some amount of consistency, you will manifest them into being.

I’ve made a couple dream boards in the past and they have always brought me inspiration and i believe, they have helped me manifest specific things in my life, like having a second baby and becoming a SAHM.

In wanting to help myself out of my meltdown mode (see Tuesday’s post) and to start the new year off right, I proposed the idea of a Dream Board Date Night to my hubby. And being the kick ass husband that he is, he obliged.

So, on Saturday, I secured the tools we needed in which to make dream boards:

magazines, scissors, glue sticks, poster board, sharpies.

We made tea (would’ve had wine but friends don’t let friends dream board while drunk), put on some old Lenny Kravitz, lit candles, and went at it (so to speak).

For me, everytime I do this exercise, there is something magical that happens. My creativity is sparked and my goals become tangible. When I see them on a board like that, just at my fingertips, they seem within my reach. As I type this, it sounds silly, but honestly, I always finish a dream board project feeling rejuvenated & motivated. And I’m a little giddy, almost like I’ve already accomplished the goals reflected on my board.

Hubby and I each made one of our own, and then we made a third with images we both liked, that represented our goals for the G-Unit. It was an inexpensive date night ($25 for supplies/mags etc) and a great way for he and I to re-connect and begin the next decade. It’s also a great thing to do with the entire family; I’ll for sure be making popcorn and having Family Dream Board Night in a few years, when L & L are older.

And yes, that is a Skort in the bottom righthand corner. I really want to like my legs enough (and to have enough gaul) to wear a skort while I work out. It’s all the rage.

Now, go dream a dream, cut it out of “O Magazine” and watch it come true. I dare you.



  1. 1
    whollyjeanne says:

    this is such a fabulous idea . . . and i’m green-eyed at the very thought that you got your husband to do this. way to go, sugar.

  2. 2
    Crystal says:

    This is actually on my 2-page typed "Action Items" list – totally not kidding. Except the blog I read about it on, called it a "Manifestation Chart" instead of a "Dream Board" and I’m totally planning on including my girls. We have this big cork board thingie that I want to put it on and then hang somewhere we will see it all the time. I’m excited to do it! :)

  3. 3
    Alana says:

    I love the date night idea. I was inspired to do one of these again by some of the same ladies who inspired you :) And I am SO with you on the skort. Here’s to having great legs again (and great husbands).

  4. 4
    MomZombie says:

    My husband and I used to do this every January. For some reason we stopped. Maybe we should start again. It really is helpful to have a collage of your goals, hopes and dreams on which to focus over the course of a year.
    On a side note, maybe it’s my browser, but half the time I cannot access your Monday MomSense.

  5. 5
    Linda says:

    Made my dream board last weekend. No hubby involved, but the result is hanging over my sink for all to see. Thanks for great post about this fun goal setting trick!

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