mama mary makes a pledge to save lives via oprah

Sundays are typically my shoot day for Monday Momsense vlogs but since I was too wrapped up in the Chargers debacle to formulate a cognitive, clever video I will not be posting a new one today. Instead I have decided to run a Special Mama Mary Show Cross-Over Event (a la Shonda Rhimes) next Monday with a back-to-back webisodes of Monday Monsense and Crock Pot Talk. I know, it’s exciting.

And to wrap things up on this rainy, cold evening I want to share an important message I learned today, one that can save lives. Today’s episode of The Oprah Show dealt with the topic of Texting While Driving, which is said to be even more prevalent and more dangerous than drinking and driving.

A mom shared her story about driving home one day from a doctor’s appointment to see an ambulance and flashing lights at the end of her cul de sac. As she neared the scene she saw a mangled bicylcle, a little girl laying still on the ground and another woman standing near the body saying, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see her.” The child on the ground was this mom’s little girl. The little girl did not survive the accident. The woman who hit her had been on her cell phone texting. It only takes a split second, and as I’ve blogged about before, accidents happpen. But this type of incident is one that can be avoided.

Oprah asked her audience, and I’m asking my readers, to take a pledge to never text while driving. Go to her website to sign this No Phone Zone Pledge. If my short synopsis didn’t convince you, then watch the show in its entitity. I was definitely not the only woman on the treadmill crying at the gym today. It was intense.

I have done it countless times before but after seeing this episode, I will honor my pledge and in turn possibly save lives. I made my pledge, have you?


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    Noelle says:

    How tragic. I just don’t get texting while driving. What is SO important that it can’t wait ten minutes until you get where you’re going?

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