an inca-redible dining experience, organic carpet, and some rockin’ carry out

Three of my new favorite things:

1) Q’ero restaurant in Encinitas. This teeny tiny hole in the wall is one of the most charming restaurants I’ve been to in San Diego. Though the tables are practically on top of one another, and standing in line for the one-hole bathroom can prove to be awkward since your rear is rubbing up against a waitstaff or a diner no matter where you stand, the food and ambiance takes you out of SoCal for a night, and into the romantico world of Latin America.

Hubby and I went there to for an early Valentine’s Day celebration and we had one of the most most romantic dinners we’ve had together since our trip to Europe (when Lily was conceived). The burnt orange wall color plus the Peruvian paintings and decor help transport you from the beachy town of Encinitas to an Inca-infused town outside the Andes.

I recommend the ceviche appetizer, the ribs if they are on special again (they FELL off the bone, literally), and the walnut cake dessert named after local Encinitas resident Sean O’Shea who was killed in a freak accident.

I’ve also heard the sangria is to-die-for, though we drank a bottle of wine instead (which was delicioso). All around amazing dinner!

Be sure to call ahead for reservations since this closet-sized haven of fine cuisine fills up quickly.

2) Pure Organic Carpet Cleaner – I learned of these guys from Melanie, and was really happy with the work they did on our filthy carpets. Their products are organic and were dry within and hour or two. Besides the 6’7″ creepy guy named Wolf who wore a muscle shirt and was breaking up with his girlfriend on the phone while he was cleaning, I was truly happy with their service. And I am not getting anything for blogging about this company–I’m just really stoked to have clean carpet.

3) Carry Out – No, not the fast food kind, but rather the yummy Carry Out provided by Timbaland and JT in their newest single together. Seriously, it rocks. Go download it now. Go.



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