eternally discomombulated

Lately I have been on a big kick of bettering myself. That’s what life is about right? Finding ways to improve our lives and those of the people around us? Though it is easier, and maybe more common, to become complacent and happy with the status quo. Well ever since becoming a mom, the combo of wanting to keep a Happy, Healthy, Hip Home and also wanting to set a good example for my kids is making me analyze my own bad habits and downfalls (kids make an awesome & disconcerting mirror). Rather than become anxiety-ridden over my negative habits, which is my tendency, I am resolving to accept myself for who I am, and just work towards becoming better at the things I suck at. 

I have come to terms with the fact that I am always going to be scatterbrained and discomombulated (I am trademarking that word, btw). That is my chemical make-up. I don’t put things away right away, and when I do put them away, I can rarely remember where I put them. I am the type that will always have crumbs in my car, because I let my kids (and myself) eat in the car, and I will always have a pile of papers/crap that move around the livingroom waiting for me to organize them. I will eternally have receipts spilling out of my wallet and at least one, if not more, baskets of laundry at the foot of my bedding just waiting, hoping to be put away. I accept that I cannot change that about myself. But what I can change is my daily attempts at keeping organized and on top of things, so I can be the most organized disorganized mama on the block.

One of the things I am working on, hoping to curb, is my propensity for procrastination. I have horrible, anxiety-inducing memories of grade school science fair projects that still had streaks of Elmer’s Glue dripping down the front because I had assembled it in the car on the way to school in my Mom’s cadillac. And I’m haunted on a regular basis by visions of literally running to my TA’s office hours with minutes left to spare to turn in a term paper that I had stayed up all night writing, which invariably had typos like “their” instead of “there” due to my caffeine induced delirium while writitng it. (This just made me wonder, can students email their papers now? What a different world it is!)

What I’ve realized recently, my A-HA moment if you will, is that the task or chore I decide to put off, is not going to get easier with time. In fact, it will most likely get harder, because I’ll have less time, something else will get in the way to trump it, and/or I’ll forget about it til it’s too late. So unless there is a damn good reason for not doing it, like Justin Timberlake has just knocked on my door, then I need to Just Do It (or Justin Do It?).

My three tips on putting the kibosh on procrastination are:

1) Do it now

2) Set reminders to do it, if for some reason I can’t do it now. And do it as soon as I am reminded.

3) No excuses. Just Do It.

My use of reminders vary, but usually it is my To Do List Journal I carry around with me. It’s typically pretty handy, though many times I don’t refer back to it to remember what I need to do.Kind of defeats the purpose. (Note to self, find a better system for reminders).

My dad used to carry around a hand held pocket voice recorder so he could remember things. He was a man of his word and always followed through on things he promised to do. Of course he had a secretary who transcribed his voice recordings and made sure his To Do list got done, but nevertheless, he was very conscientious about following through with things. He did not procrastinate, and he always chastised me for waititng til the last minute to finish school work or not following through on something I had promised.

Speaking of keeping promises, I promised my 13 yo niece that I would make her a mix CD. So I’m gonna wrap this up and go burn the CD, unless, wait…is that Justin calling?



  1. 1
    Laura Lee says:

    Use the voice memo feature on your iphone. It rocks. you can email yourself the memos or email them to others, too. It’s a good way to take notes or remember things on the fly.

  2. 2
    Mary Burt-Godwin says:

    Can you believe I don’t have an iPhone? Loser! I’m getting one soon, or maybe a Droid. That function may make the case for the iPhone if the Droid doesn’t have one.

  3. 3
    stefanie says:

    If it works let me know. Because I am a total and complete DISASTER.

  4. 4
    stefanie says:

    p.s. The Droid has one. And it rocks!

  5. 5
    April says:

    Love you.
    This is so me.
    you are an inspiration! My problem is getting people to accept what I am also!

  6. 6
    dana says:

    Okay, so I know techanically we are "sister-in-laws", but we are so alike it is really scary. I always say the only other person who can compete with my procrastination is my husband, which really makes for a bad team when it comes to getting Anything done. It is nice to know it runs in the family and I am not alone. Thanks for the tips, I will definatly try them.

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