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I’m sure you are all dying to hear how the Zac Efron interview went, just as much as I am dying to tell, but I am not allowed to spill the beans until next week as that is when his new movie, Charlie St Cloud, opens. So check back next week when I will link to my posts about the movie, the actors and the entire experience on

On another note, my seriously wicked-awesome webdesigner, Susie of Zee Studio, has had some set backs in her scheduling (like a last minute move to a different city) so my new site will be revealed the first week of August. I took some fun photos with Adam Baruh for my header and am excited to see how it all comes together.

And to show you how much I needed my weekend away in LA with Zac, I will recap some events of the previous week. In one week’s time I:

  • Spilled a glass of red wine on my carpet and learned how best to avoid stainage after I had already done the wrong thing so I now have a purple stain the size of a basketball in the middle of my livingroom. Awesome! For the future I now know that apparently pouring white wine and then salt on the freshly spilled wine works like a charm, as does a miracle product called wine-away which I am going to order by the case.
  • Had to fix my garage door, to the tune of $900.00
  • Shattered my precious iPhone.

It floors me that the geniuses of the world can come up with technology that allows be to connect with people all over the world in a split second or that Google can read my location in a blink and tell me where the nearest Starbucks is, but no one can come up with a shatter-proof touch screen for the clutzes of the world like me.



  1. 1
    La Jolla Mom says:

    Holy crap. I know it’s a matter of time until I drop my iPhone too. Ugh. Looking forward to hearing about Zac!

  2. 2
    Natalie says:

    Oh how I do not want to shatter my iphone screen — but oh how I am so sure it will happen to me sometime!

    Excited to hear about Zac

  3. 3
    MomZombie says:

    The best solution to wine spills? Hardwood flooring. I learned the hard way.

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