backpacks and flash drives wanted

When I was in high school I refused to carry a backpack. Re-Fused. Instead I carried the ridiculously heavy stack of books, I’d say 30lbs worth, to and fro my classes, all the live long day. I think I thought backpacks weren’t cool, though looking back, walking into class with red indention marks on my arms and sweating profusely probably wasn’t cool either. My dad tried to get me to use a briefcase and you can imagine the eye rolls he got for that suggestion.

Trendy, hip backpacks and funky messenger bags like these didn’t exist yet (yes, it was the dark ages):

A friend of mine from high school started this backpack company called Three. Aren’t these bags adorable?

Three is created for the inner young rocker in every woman.”  I totally would have used one of these bags when I was in school. My inner rocker would have loved them!  In fact, she still does.

Three bags can be purchased on their site, as well as, and

And today is an important day for backpacks!!! Stefanie of, Theresa of, Christine at and I are hosting a backpack drive to benefit Promises2Kids.

Promises2Kids, also known as the Polinsky Center, is a nonprofit organization that has has led the fight against child abuse and neglect in San Diego County for twenty-nine years. No other organization in the area offers such a broad array of support systems, nor does any other organization in the area offer such a wealth of opportunity to connect with a wide variety of resources, programs, and collaborative partners focused on eliminating child abuse.

The Polinsky Center runs strictly on donations and right now they are asking for backpacks and flash drives to help with back-to-school preparations. Our drop location today is at the Pannikin in Del Mar (on Via De La Valle) and tomorrow we’ll be further south at Milano Coffee Co. in Mission Valley from 9am -11am on both days.

If you’re in the San Diego area we hope to see you there!


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