family portrait fiasco

I am green with envy of all my friends who have the picture perfect family portraits hanging on their walls in those luscious pottery barn frames. I have never hired a professional photographer to take the G-Unit’s photo and this is why.



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    You tell a great story. My daughter is a senior this year and I’ve already had two photographer stories. $30 for a head shot to go in the yearbook and a location change two days before the session. Needless to say I’m looking for another photographer.

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    theresa says:

    haa haa!!! She had the baby last night.

    Cracking up!!!

  3. 3
    Crystal says:

    First – do you have ‘sexy cold voice’ going on? Cuz you sounded kinda raspy. ;)

    Second – no we have also never had any professional photography as a family. I had it once for one of my pregnancies, and I actually had a really good experience and liked the photos (but they cost an arm & a leg…eek!)

    Third – what do you use to edit your vlogs?

    That is all. :)

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    Christina says:

    Laughing at the Fish Burrito part.
    And? Are you wearing Silly Bandz?!

    Rock it, mama.

    PS I take my kids in the yard or in baby’s room around 3pm (lighting is best) and snap a bajillion pictures of them. Voila. I get 1 or 2 good ones out of 493.

  5. 5
    Ramona says:

    Yup – have had 3 different photographers shoot our family and each one was carefully orchestratred….meaning we picked a time when John was fresh from his nap –also in my opinion the best shots are candids anyway, where you just interact and she steps back and shoots and then after you see that you got a couple good ones….The beach is a tricky place – wet, sand, wind, etc…Balboa Park is a great place – lots of cool structures and arches and it’s usually warm there….The best luck we have had is when we just go play and a “LADY WITH A CAMERA” shows up and just starts clicking away…..I am lookin forward to seeing your xmas card this year!!

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    MomZombie says:

    Sorry your experience was so bad. Our only family portrait kind of turned out the same way. We waited forever for our turn (it was some group rate thing; I know, I know) on a rainy, wind-blown afternoon. I spent 30 minutes past forever reshaping and gluing my hair together in the bathroom. Also, our wedding day, the only other group picture day? Also: wind, rain, snow, sleet, and then all of it at once. If i schedule a photo shoot, it will rain.

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    I have been debating with myself about when the right time to do family pictures with a professional would be. After watching your video- I will NOT be doing them any time soon. 3.5 yr old + 18 mo. will be AWFUL!!!

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    Stefanie says:

    Did you see my Christmas card from last year. Family photos are the bane Of my existence.

  9. 9
    Ashley says:

    You crack me up! I wish I was still in SD, I know we could get some good shots!!!

  10. 10
    Maribel says:

    Not the photo session one wants or needs. So sorry about your photo session. We did our photos with Dianna Ippolito, she is very patient with kids. She did ours at Balboa Park on a Sunday afternoon, after naps and lunch. She is on twitter @DiannasEye she took many different poses and backgrounds and gave them to me on a CD and I printed whatever size and quantity I need. Contact her she is very professional!

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