GLEE revolution karaoke has made me a video game convert

When I was growing up, my parents refused me next to nothing. In other words, I was spoiled rotten. Yet there was one item my dad was hell bent on never letting into our home: a video game player. Despite my incessant begging and pleading, he refused to cave.

Each year at Christmas, during the big Atari boom of the 80’s, I secretly thought he was just putting up a front and was going to surprise me on Christmas morning with a black shiny box and some matching joy sticks. Alas, no box of joy was to be found under our tree. Or anywhere in our home. Ever. I was completely left out of the Atari loop. Except for the nights I spent over at T’s house, playing Donkey Kong and Frogger until the wee hours of the morning.

My dad’s reasoning was that a home video system would keep me from playing outside, or reading or doing my homework. But I already had a TV and phone in my room to take care of that. What was one more distraction?

When I became a mom, I swore up and down that we would never get one either, possibly as some sort of tribute to my dad. And since I never had one growing up, now I simply don’t get the big obsession with video games. I have tried to play some of the games like that I thought I would like, like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but I still didn’t see the hype. Plus, we have such little time together as a family as it is, I was thinking that a gaming console would take away from our precious family time we rarely get to enjoy.

All of those reasonings went out the window, however, when I found out about two little things called Just Dance and GLEE Revolution Karaoke.

A few weeks ago, while over at Theresa’s house, both kids and adults alike were getting their groove on to the games Just Dance and Just Dance 2. The clouds parted and birds began singing The Pussycat Dolls. I thought to myself, maybe this Wii thing could be re-thunk.

Then, a week later, I learned that my brother-in-law knows the owner of a local video gaming developer whose latest hit is called GLEE Revolution Karaoke for the Wii. Um, what??? A video game that marries the two loves of my life, GLEE and karaoke? SOLD!

So, my husband and I decided to use some Christmas money we received from the parentals to get on the gaming bandwagon and we are now the proud owners of a sleek black box, known as a Wii. We purchased Just Dance 2 and Just Dance Kids for ourselves and scored a copy of the GLEE Revolution Karaoke game from my sister and brother-in-law.

And considering none of us has felt up to leaving the house much over the past few days, we have already put all the games to major use. On Saturday night, despite my snotty nose and overall crap-like disposition, my husband and I decided to try out the GLEE Revolution game. I can’t describe the GLEE I felt from singing “Don’t Stop Believin” (for which I got 99% accuracy by the way) while scenes from my favorite TV show played on the screen. It was ridiculously fun. We made it through almost all 35 songs before finally calling it a night. If you love GLEE and you have a Wii console, this is the game for you. I’m so making our friends play it on New Years Eve!

Any other game recommendations to a new Wii convert?



  1. 1
    Sherri says:

    Not part of that wii revolution yet. But my b/f has a PS 3 that we were looking for the new hand held remote and camera, (my idea to never exercise outside the house again. Genius I tell you!) which he incidentally drug me around Christmas Eve incessantly looking for. None to be had. Anywhere. Anyway, not even much of Karaoke ier myself. I would clear the room with one round…trust me!

  2. 2

    FUN! Did you know that you can access netflx through your wii + wireless internet ???

  3. 3
    Lisa Voss says:

    Sounds like sooo much fun… I wanna come over and play.

  4. 4

    Glee for the Wii?! I know what’s on my wish list! PS – feel better soon!

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