dissecting my dream board

One particular Saturday evening last January, I planned a romantic date for my husband and myself. I lit the candles, busted out some magazines (no, not the nudey kind, but that would’ve been a nice touch on my part, in retrospect), armed him with scissors and a glue stick, and said “Let’s make sweet love, honey.” Nope, I didn’t say that. More accurately it was something like, “I was just reading a crunchy-granola, feel-good blog that gave instructions on making a dream board. I thought it would be fun to do for a date night. You know, so our dreams can come true. Whaddya think?” (It’s a wonder why he’s still married to me).

He *loved* the idea, or at least feigned to love it (which is why I’m still married to him) and we began dream boarding our little hearts out. After a few hours we both had our finished products and I put mine up on the wall, in the living room, for the world to see. I was ready and willing to share my visions with anyone.

Then, I continued on through 2010, with nary a glance at my vision board.

As 2010 came to a close last week, I didn’t even bother to re-visit my dream board, that is until I got an email from the one and only Sugar Jones inviting me to a 2011 Dream Board party at the Sugar Shack. As soon as I saw the words “Dream Board” I glanced up to mine from last year. At first I thought, Wow, I have done NOTHING on this board in the past year. I’m a big, fat loser.

Okay, I wasn’t that hard on myself. But I was a little disappointed.

But then, I dissected my board a little more closely.

Hey, there’s a photo of an iPhone, and I got three of those last year. Maybe my board is right on target.

Then I noticed that there are also photos of:

  • A pool–I did a lot of swimming last summer.
  • Some news anchors–I was on the news a couple times.
  • A tree–I kept a plant alive in the month of December.
  • A treadmill–I went running approximately five times.
  • Some book shelves–I read three books.
  • P!nk performing live on stage–Glitter in the Air was our favorite song this summer.
  • Barack & Michelle Obama–I bought his children’s book, Of Thee I Sing.

So really, I wasn’t that far away from my visions. I think I just need to be more specific on my board next time. Like I need to spell out “I want a big home with a huge library and pool, I want P!nk’s body and I want to have dinner with the President and First Lady.” (Hey, back off, a girl can dream!).

The two things I’m most disappointed in not making happen in 2010 that were on my dream board is #1 yoga, I was really hoping to do more yoga and #2 a skort, I really wanted a cute running skort. Though a cute skort is not so cute when it is in my size, so maybe I should just be happy with unanswered prayers at this point.

It’s all at how you look at it, right?

So what do you think of dream boards? A bunch of malarkey or a true avenue to manifesting your dreams? My take is that they don’t hurt so why not try? I’ll be making another one soon, either at Sugar’s or on a *romantic* date night. Next time, I might bring a couple “adult” mags to raise the stakes a little.



  1. 1
    Ali says:

    I love your dream, Mary! But I also love that you didn’t call this past year a failure…you have accomplished so much, and you are really an amazing person, so I’d say it was a pretty big success. So what if the dreams weren’t EXACTLY the way you might have originally plotted them out, with your scissors and glue…

    I am looking forward to doing a Vision Board this year, as well. And while I may paste a photo of a million dollars, I’d feel successful if, at the end of 2011, I’ve managed to create EVEN a SMALL income for myself, doing something that I love.

    Props to the hubby for doing “Dream Board Date Night” with you. Mine would rather be eaten by a shark….I think. ;)

    • Mary says:

      Thanks for the encouraging words Ali. And I just cracked up at “eaten by a shark.” That’s hilarious! I’ve only met him once but I can kinda see that. : )

  2. 2

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tori Lafferty, Mary Burt-Godwin. Mary Burt-Godwin said: I dissected my dream board from 2010 in preparation for dream board night at @SugarJones' pad. http://bit.ly/eTzLjz I really wanted a skort! […]

  3. 3

    Greetings. I love your show!!! How did I miss this with so many fb friends, highschool and blog addictions in common? I am so excited to have found you today and injoy your virtual space. I love vision boards. I had not thought to post one on my blog. Fabulous idea as a running visual archive to glance at. I have also had the great blessing of fulfilling many of my intentions for the year and am looking forward to more of the same. One Love.
    Stephanie, sbLyngo, rawqueen, mommy…

  4. 4
    April says:

    i just continue to love your blog more and more everyday. Wait, does that make sense? Anyway, you know what i mean. You are positive in such an awesome way. I love it.

  5. 5
    Chelsea says:

    Love your dream board! More importantly, where is the dream board your hubby created?? Let’s analyze that bad boy…

  6. 6
    stefanie says:

    I ABSOLUTELY believe in dream boards. My ex-husband created a dream board when we still lived in Indiana. On it was a house. We had no idea where the house was located but saw it in a Dream Home magazine of some sort. It wasn’t my kind of house, and I remember cringing at the site of it. Years later we had moved from Indy to Vancouver then LA then San Diego. We had divorced somewhere along the way, but moved together each time for the sake of the kids. After I bought my first condo here in SD, he bought a house. After about six months in the house he opened several boxes that hadn’t been opened in years. Out of one of those boxes, he pulled his dream board from our life in Indy. He called me on the phone that day. You have to come over and see something. I went over that day and there with the boys, he showed me the dream board. There, smack dab in the middle of the board, was the house that he currently lived in. That’s right. Six years later, boxes packed away with that dream board for over four years, he had purchased his dream house. So. Yes. They are real! Believe girlfriend. I fully expect you to be having dinner with the Obamas by this December.

    • Mary says:

      I remember that story from The Secret!!! :) And will you be my date at dinner?

      • stefanie says:

        How funny. I had no idea he wrote about it. And hell yes I will be your dinner date. And don’t think I won’t remember this when you get invited!

        • Mary says:

          He totally wrote about it and that story completely stuck with me. It’s one of the reasons I do dream boards in the first place. Weird! See, we were meant to be friends in a cosmic sort of way!

  7. 7
    Jennifer says:

    I live in a cave because I have never heard of a dream board! But I LIKE IT! I think I am going to force my husband to love me enough to do one with me. Usually we just go on a short-term and long-term planning date to coffee – but I like the visual of a dream board! I see Colorado on both mine and my husband’s board! ;)

  8. 8
    HipMamaB says:

    I guess I really should do one.

  9. 9
    Charlotte says:

    LOVE “He *loved* the idea, or at least feigned to love it (which is why I’m still married to him)”

    So… what do you put on the dream board? Just things you want to do in 2011? Seems like I’d probably just do it then forget about it. =( My attention span is about that long.

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