what’s in store for 2011

“If the way you spent your New Year’s Eve is any indication of how the rest of the year will go, how would you say your future is looking right about now?”*

I spent New Years with family and friends in a warm cabin on a lake, with some moonshine and GLEE karaoke. So my prediction for how my year will be is: happy, hyper, and a little blurry, with a lot of blabbering, some out of tune singing and buckets of sloppy kisses, interspersed with flakes of serenity and majestic beauty.

Now that sounds like the makings of a bang-up year.

Though, in truth, I am really trying not to over-think this New Years, like I typically do, lest I put any undo pressure on this already loaded year.

This year marks the ten year anniversary of what I call my Catcher in the Rye year; my loss of innocence watershed year, when my life changed beyond all recognition in the matter of a few months, even before those fateful towers fell. 2001 was the year I got married and the year I lost my dad. I said “I do” and “Let go” within 2 months of each other, rendering me lost, confused and an utter mess. When 9/11 hit, my grief grew a new limb. That year sucked, to say the least.

So now, ten years later, I am refusing to let the negative memories haunt me, but rather take what I have learned over the past ten years and turn this year into one of the best I’ve ever had. Here are all the awesome things this year has in store:

  • My 39th birthday, thus launching my 40th year on this planet into full orbit.
  • My 10th wedding anniversary and possibly some diamonds.
  • Another half marathon. San Diego Rock N’ Roll, here I come.
  • The 10th anniversary of my dad passing. (I wouldn’t say I am looking forward to this, but it will be a very momentous day for me, for certain).
  • My husband’s 40th. Gotta start planning for this one now!

That is a lot of activity one the books for a year that is only four days old. Phew!

But in addition to and really even more important than these events, is the potential of my best friend finding a living liver donor, which in turn, rids her of the cancer and saves her life. Unfortunately I am not a match, or else I’d be on an operating table next week. But she does have a very viable candidate, so as of now, I am keeping my thoughts and prayers on her and her potential donor. Her courage and tenacity through this horrific ordeal is beyond inspiring, and certainly helps me keep my “problems” in perspective. So I am beginning this new year with hope & faith for a bright 2011 and courage & strength to deal with whatever curve balls are thrown my way. And I’ll be leaning on my GLEE karaoke game for periodic reminders of what is right in the world.


*This post is in response to Mama Kat’s writing prompts. She’s got some great ones this week so, if you’re a writer and/or a blogger (not necessarily one in the same thing), check ‘em out. I might be doing a few others by week’s end. Thanks MK!



  1. 1
    hip_m0m says:

    Wow. Amazing to think about where I was ten years ago and how much has changed…

    If my year is going to be like my New Year’s Eve “celebration,” I’ll be breastfeeding and trying to stay awake for most of 2011!

    I’m so excited for you that this year marks so many wonderful events to look forward to. Glad you are able to share them all with us too!

    Happy New Year.

  2. 2
    Mama Kat says:

    Sounds like you had an awesome start!! I have similar feelings about the anniversary of my dads death…this year, two months before my oldest turns 8 will be the exact age I was when my Dad died. I’m going to hold her close that day and thank God she’s still a normal happy carefree seven year old. :) And she’s going to wonder what the heck is wrong with me! :) Great post!

  3. 3

    I love this- happy, hyper and blurry!!! LOL!!! You do have a lot of special things coming up this year! It is our 10 year anniv too! May 19th! When is yours?

  4. 4
    Christina says:

    I’ve got a feelin’… that this year’s going to be a good year…

  5. 5
    Chelsea says:

    Sounds like a great New Year’s Eve, and I hope 2011 ends up being an amazing year for you Mama Mary!

  6. 6

    Can’t wait for those momentous 2011 events!
    Thinking of you extra special much this year. The 10-year anniversary of both the marriage (mine too!) and your dad’s passing are big, big, big.


  7. 7
    Amy B. says:

    My kid puked in the middle of a restaurant and my husband and I got in a fight about it. I’m screwed.

  8. 8

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mary Burt-Godwin, Mary Burt-Godwin. Mary Burt-Godwin said: What's in store for 2011, the ten year anniversary of my Catcher in the Rye year http://bit.ly/gOuT3h via @mamakatslosinit writing prompts […]

  9. 9
    Emily says:

    You’ve got a great attitude about this year and a lot of fun things in store! I will keep good thoughts about your friend.

  10. 10

    2011 does seem like a huge, monumentous year for you. Early congratulations on your 10th anniversary – and, I wish you peace for the anniversary of your father’s death.

  11. 11
    Jenn Gravel says:

    10 years ago on New Year’s Eve I was hosting a party with my roommates at our house (Which happened to be called “The Smelly Cat House”)… We invited EVERYONE we knew and plenty of people we didn’t know. My only goal was to have fun!
    This year we had a few friends over, made sure the kids were in bed by 9pm and had only one glass of champagne at midnight. My only goal THIS year was to get to bed a a decent time because the kids were sure to wake up earlier than usual as they do every time I stay up later than usual!

    In 10 years I can not believe how much my life has changed. The ‘me’ 10 years ago would not want to be the ‘me’ today. However, the ‘me’ today is so very glad that I survived being the ‘me’ 10 years ago and I would never want to go back to being that person.

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