movie rentals that will leave you wanting more

Five ways I know a movie is good:

  1. It keeps me awake
  2. It keeps me away from social media
  3. It makes me belly laugh or ugly cry, or both
  4. It stays with me for days to follow
  5. It compels me to write a post about it

The following two movies score a perfect 5 out of 5 based on the criteria above so I just had to write about them.

Take Me Home and Back to the 80’s Tonight

My first recommendation is the 80’s throwback comedy, Take Me Home Tonight, starring Topher Grace and Anna Faris. If you are a product of the 80’s like I am, you will absolutely love this film. It’s 90 minutes of heinous hairdos, synthesized 80’s jams and a retelling of several timeless clichés but in a charming, acid-washed way.

Topher plays Matt Franklin, a Mensa-esque recent MIT grad who chooses to bypass corporate America to “find himself” by working behind the counter at the local video store. Grace’s portrayal of the good looking yet awkward “nice guy next door” is endearing and his rapport with the hilarious supporting cast, including Anna Farris, Dan Fogler, Teresa Palmer and Chris Pratt, makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of a my-parents-are-out-of-town-house-party. If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted comedy then tease your bangs, get a four pack of Bartles and James and order up Take Me Home Tonight.


Love, Other Drugs and a lot of Sex

Another throwback cliché-driven rental that takes a turn for the lovely and sublime is Love and Other Drugs. This 90’s retro movie surprised me on many levels. I was expecting another light-hearted romantic comedy like Take Me Home Tonight but instead got a hearty love story with twists and turns of real-life relatable issues.

Jake Gyllenhaall plays a pharmaceutical sellin’ ladies man, Jamie Randall, who falls for the independent, off-by-one Maggie Murdoch, played beautifully by Anne Hathaway. Truth be told, I was not a big fan of Ms. Hathaway’s before watching this film, but she absolutely won my heart with her raw performance of a woman struggling with her own physical limitations and imminent demise.

Words of caution: Keep your windows closed otherwise your neighbors will think you’re watching something that rhymes with corn. There is a lot of R-rated frisky business goin’ on in this movie. No full frontals but some lovely lady lumps definitely bless the screen a few times.

Comic relief comes in many forms in this movie (pun intended), including a hilarious, borderline offensive performance by Josh Gad (who has just signed on to play a role in the upcoming season of Modern Family). The uplifting, witty dialogue kept me laughing through the tears, despite the heaviness of the content.

If you’re ready for a heartfelt, tear-jerker with a side of saucy sex scenes, then Love and Other Drugs is the movie for you.

I’m on a movie kick now, so tell me, what rentals have you watched and enjoyed recently?



  1. 1
    MomZombie says:

    I have L&OD in my Netflix queue. Thanks for the review.

  2. 2

    I did some ancillary work on the Topher Grace movie last year. It was originally called Kids in America. (-signed, Cliff Claven)

  3. 3

    […] Other Drugs,” was a flick recommended by fellow blogger Mary, of The Mama Mary Show when she posted about it a few weeks ago. (I highly recommend reading her blog too, while you’re at […]

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