ms. short term memory loss

Forgetting things like where I put my keys, what I’m about to say, and how long it’s been since I’ve showered, are all fairly normal things to forget, right?

Sometimes I blame my forgetfulness on my mom brain, my busy schedule, the fun I had in the 90’s, or just my general absentmindedness. But lately, a few forgetful instances are leading me to believe that I am entering dangerous territory; the territory that gets laughs via Saturday Night Live’s Mr. Short Term Memory Loss sketches but that actually freaks me and my inner hypochondriac out.

Instance #1 – While reaching for the conditioner the other day in the shower, I had to pause for a moment because I had no recollection of whether or not I had used the shampoo yet. I had NO recollection of what I had just done. NONE. I lathered up again, thinking that REALLY clean hair was the worst of my worries if I really couldn’t remember what I had done the four minutes prior.

Instance #2 – Six hours before I was set to interview Will Reiser, the writer of 50/50, at the opening night of the San Diego Film Festival, I inadvertently doubled up on my generic DayQuil dosage because I FORGOT that I had just taken a dosage less than five minutes before I swallowed round two. Just as what I thought was the second but was really the fourth orange gel tab was sliding down my throat, it occurred to me what I had just done. So basically I was a cranked up mess for the few hours before the festival, with a nose that felt like what a jalapeno must feel like when it’s shoved full of cream cheese, because not even a doubled up dose could help my hopeless cloggage, and had not one ounce of saliva in my mouth before I began the interview. Great way to start me first on-camera interview!

Instance #3 – I forget what the third story is. I swear. At some point between conceptualizing this post with three instances in mind to share, and actually sitting down to type the post, I forgot my third instance. Do you see my situation here?

I’ve got this short-term memory loss thing, and I’ve got it bad!

Though I am making fun of it now, there is a nugget of fear inside of me, worrying that these bouts of forgetfulness are a precursor to something more serious. So, I’m consiering taking up Soduko just to keep my brain nimble, I’ve heard that brain stimulation helps ward off the big A. I will also stay away from mercury and transfats, and fill my diet with Omega 3 Fats, as that’s the expert advice I have read. Also, I’ll begin writing EVERYTHING down so I don’t forget, especially if speedy pills are involved.

And? I’m gonna keep my humor about it, just like this classic SNL skit with Phil Hartman and Tom Hanks.



  1. 1

    You are not alone. In the past week I went to Trader Joe’s, filled two canvas bags with food and then AFTER the cashier had rung up the order, I’d left my wallet at home. The next day, when *attempting* to make change for a donation, I swapped a $20 for a $10 bill. Didn’t even realize how I’d ripped myself off until I was driving home. Nothing could be done about it, either. There’s no way to go back and explain why your hand is in the donation box without looking like George Costanza pulling a half-eaten eclair out of the trash can at a dinner party and saying “What? It was on top.”

  2. 2
    Jen says:

    This is me. All the time. I would totally forget my head if it wasn’t attached.

  3. 3
    Stefanie says:

    Girl. This is my every day. And? I could cry that there is someone else out there like me and these forgetful moments don’t mean something is fundamentally wrong with me. Well, it might still mean that, but it least it means you are screwed too. Misery loves company.

  4. 4

    Yep. Ditto.

    What were we talking about?

  5. 5
    Jennifer says:

    My therapist tells me this is a side effect of sleep deprivation. I would go with that before the Big A.

  6. 6

    I have lapses like this too. I call it my freaky dumbness.

  7. 7

    All three of those instances could have easily happened to me – I don’t think I can take up Soduko – then I could become addicted. I’m saying “huh?” all the time, I’m worried I’m losing my hearing! Neither a good thing. Makes ya feel your age.

  8. 8
    Daniya Yusufzai says:

    am goin through the same. forgetting every small things in life as if they just past by me. And now what had happened in a bit. It is making irritate. dont know what to call it MS symptom or what ?

  9. 9
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  10. 10

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