nothing prepares you for the miracle that is birth

Last month, on the occasion of Lily’s 5th birthday, her new preschool asked me to write the story of the day she was born to be read aloud in her class at circle time. With joy streaming down my face, I wrote about that incredible day when the word “love” took on an entirely new meaning.

While writing it, I realized I would need to edit the details greatly to give the G rated version, acceptable for five-year-old ears. Not only did I need to leave out details of drug-induced yammering, and private parts doing unimaginable things in a not-so-private arena, but I also had to leave out the traumatic details of the actual delivery and subsequent couple days.

Today, I’ve shared those details on the ABC News website as part of the Million Moms Challenge. This month I was asked the question: “How was your labor different from what you expected.” Though the labor was not what I expected, the outcome was–a healthy, beautiful baby girl, and that is ultimately all that matters.

To read my post about fear, shot-clock breathing, distress and a miracle, CLICK HERE. Any comments should be posted on the ABC News/MMC site so you can be entered to win prize pack which includes an iPad2.


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