my immune system blows almost as hard as the san diego chargers

My immune system blows almost as hard as my favorite sports team, the San Diego Chargers, and I am sick and tired of it, literally. This past weekend I came down with my fifth sucky cold of the year, which is a better record than the Chargers who just completed their sixth sucky loss of the season. Good lord those guys are killing me (Dear Rivers, please start showing up to the games, Norv, please start making good calls, wide receivers, please stop dropping the ball, line men, please stop making ridiculously amateurish penalties that are costing us games).

I don’t know why I have such a crummy immune system, but I do. I swear to God, if I even see a kid at the preschool or, better yet, the 24 Hour Fitness kids club, with even a slight hint of post-nasal drip, I get sick. One look and BOOM, my throat tightens and snot takes over ever inch of my sinus cavity.

Currently, I am sitting amidst a Neti Pot, a pile of snot-rags, and umpteen boxes of meds like, Theraflu, Zicam, Cold-Eeze, Emergen-C, and Mucinex. Oh, and a vat of Metholatum. It’s sexy, let me tell you. But I need to figure out what to do BEFORE I need all of this schtuff.

So, right here and right now, I am putting forth my very first New Years Resolutions of 2012 . . .

To build up my immune system and to NOT GET SICK in 2012.

This is my mission and I am ready and willing to try anything: eastern medicine, crazy-shaman remedies, Botox (hey, maybe it helps immunity too?). I’m even going to try monthly B12 shots in my arse. Madonna swears by them (which will give me another thing to talk to her about when I meet here someday) as does my friend, Stefanie of

What else can I try? Please, someone give me some hints as to how I can help my immune system.

I’ll also take any tips for the Chargers that you might have as I am formulating an open letter to head coach Norv Turner.




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    B12 gives you energy, which can be helpful when you are sick. Vitamin D boosts your immune systems ability to fight. Taking Probiotics (pills, yogurt, kombucha) is like sending in another wave of marines to win the day because the first wave is just exhausted after fighting alone for so long. And finally-sleep. A good 7 hours of sleep at nite can help your body fight off whatever you do catch and you’ll suffer less. Best of luck!

  2. 2
    Ginger says:

    I too swear by the B12 shots. Only FYI, you can get them in your arm. Twice I’ve had a cold and after getting the shots it was gone w/in 48 hours.

  3. 3

    Did one of your daughters just start school? It gets better, I promise.
    When our oldest started school, by Friday of each week, one of us was sick. So many germs!
    Now we carry antibacterial cleansers everywhere. Bath & Body sells cute little rubber holders and a multitude of scents. We hang ‘em on our purses, backpacks, etc.
    Feel better soon!

  4. 4
    Stefanie says:

    As for your immune system, YES on those B12 shots. I also suggest Usana vitamins. I swear by them. As for Norv Turner your open letter should be simple. “Dear Norv, you are out of time. Get out. Sincerely, a newly healthy Mary.”

  5. 5

    Remember how I was constantly sick earlier this year forcing me to drop out of hip hop? I started getting weekly B12 shots over the summer and my health has been remarkably improved. For the first 3 months I was getting them weekly. Now I am at every other week. I get them at Sprouts and opt for the $30 shot. I highly recommend trying this.

  6. 6
    Matthew says:

    I don’t get sick but maybe once a year or so and it only lasts a day or two and looking back on it, it always happens when I don’t follow my regular routine of proper sleep, proper diet, proper exercise and/or proper hand washing after contact with anyone/anything.
    I don’t take supplements or anything like that, but I eat an apple a day, every day, drink green/black iced tea (unsweetened) all day, a glass of orange juice at some point in the evening and exercise (even if it’s just a short walk) 5 days a week.
    I’ve noticed over the years that very few people wash their hands after using the restroom (public) and even fewer realize that they’ve been rubbing their nose or eyes and then reach for my hand to shake at an event or even at work. Thus, I wash/sanitize my hands after every contact with other people before touching my phone, mouse or keyboard again. Now, it can be awkward when talking to someone at my desk with my hands out like a surgeon getting ready for an operation until they leave my office so I can squirt some sanitizer on them and get back to work, but it’s worth it for me and my health.
    Stay healthy :0)

  7. 7
    Konrad says:

    100mg of Vitamin C/day, depending on your diet. It’s water soluble, low risk and easy as eating a kiwi a day.

    Don’t stress yourself out. Stress is a killer so quit watching football, you’ll kill two birds with one stone! ;)

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    Jen says:

    Here is my advice.

    Make sure you are well rested
    Drink lots and lots of fluids aka water
    Wash your hands and those of your children as much as possible when in public
    And PROBIOTICS! Eat a yogurt, take a supplement something just get them in your diet and you will notice a big difference.

    Also, the tried and true way to strengthen an immune system is to actually get sick. You are probably noticing it a lot right now b/c you have a kid in school for the 1st year. They are exposed to a ton in school and then bring it home to you. This year will be bad but next year should get better and then the next year you shouldn’t get sick at all.

    My first year as a RN was terrible. I was sick all the time but now, I hardly ever get sick and I have 4 kids in school.

  9. 9
    Christina says:

    I live by balance now and have seen a HUGE improvement. I used to be the same way… my immune system was awful (like worse than yours this year which is why I also wash my hands and sometimes run the other way when I see a sick person). I take my vitamins religiously, eat healthy/balanced/no preservative foods, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night, exercise, WATER!!, EmergenC daily, and when I feel like I haven’t had enough fruits and veggies (or when I feel something coming on) I go for wheatgrass, load up on B12, up my garlic intake and I’ve recently been using these packets from Amazing Grass (I initially bought them for B who barely eats let alone gets balanced nutrition)… they are awesome.

  10. 10
    HipMamaB says:

    You can always go to my $$$$ naturopathic dr in Encinitas. She’s AMAZING, but she doesn’t take insurance. :( She’s the one that does the B12 shots at Henrys/Sprouts that Nicole gets …

  11. 11
    Theresa says:

    Get better dang it! I miss ya! And… NORV SUCKS! He so let me down this year. I’m asking Santa for Bill Cowher this year.

  12. 12
    Life As Wife says:

    As for your health: sleep and eating right does wonders. As for your Chargers: I’m not sure there is hope…

  13. 13

    I swear by my naturopath, Dr. Laura Thompson, in Carlsbad. The hormonal treatment, nutritional work and supplements that I have been taking over the past year have helped me and my family tremendously. You can check her out at Be well, Ms. Mary. xoxo

  14. 14
    LIndsay says:

    Acupuncture has done wonders for me. Whenever I get sick, I tell my acupuncturist and I’m almost entirely cured by the time I leave the office. I can definitely breath better and have more energy. Within another day, I feel like myself again.

    Ironically, I think I have a better immune system after my pregnancy this last year. Maybe hormones alter our immune system, too??

  15. 15
    Jenn says:

    Ooh. Me! Me! Pick Me!!
    Olive Leaf Extract – preferably the tincture as it works faster than the pills. Remarkable stuff!!! When you feel the tickly in your nose start taking 10 drops three times a day until it goes away!
    Look it up on google and you’ll be AMAZED at how AMAZING it is. I always have a bottle at home. I got some proper sinus on Saturday and I’ve been taking ten drops once a day since then, and I’m back to normal today. Ordinarily I’d be off to the ENT by now.

  16. 16
    T. says:

    Hi Mar,
    Right there with you! And I was thinking the only remedy was to move back to SD where no one ever gets sick.
    I went to the doctor this morning. She’s put me on antibiotics and ordered me to a week’s bed rest! Maybe I should have just asked for the B12 shot in the Arsch!
    I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

  17. 17
    T. says:

    PS- She also wants me taking echinacea 3-5 times a day for the next few months!

  18. 18

    Two lots of antibiotics in the past two weeks, sinus, to bronchitis to pneumonia … i feel your pain girlfriend.
    Find us a miracle cure!

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