there is magic in the magic kingdom

Can there really be one place that makes you feel so many emotions like Disneyland does?

What other place in the world makes you feel:

like world peace is possible


like you’ve traveled the world


like you’re a kid again


What other place makes you feel wonder

They're looking at the snow

and joy

and love

No other place in world. Disneyland truly is filled with Magic.


Disclaimer: Not one penny of my trip to Disneyland was paid for, except for via my credit card points. No one in the Disneyland social marketing world knows I exist.

And on a side note, I DID complete one of the dares I was dared to accomplish and will post the video later this week. I like so many of the dares, I might do more.

Also, the whole dare thing might be why the marketing/media department at Disney wants nothing to do with me. Just a thought.

Oh, and one more thing. This post was going to be either a Wordless Wednesday post or a Wordful Wednesday post, but it turned out to be neither Wordless nor Wordful. Discuss.





  1. 1

    God I miss Disneyland.

  2. 2

    Aww, even a post about Disneyland makes me happy. I have never been but we can take the kids there someday while they still believe in princesses.

  3. 3

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing a bit of your magical vacation with us. We still haven’t taken our girls to the happiest place on earth. Are the lines long? Did their feet get tired? We only hear the complaints from friends, not the positive, so it was especially delightful to see your pics.

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