x factor usa predictions and a *spoiler alert*

Though several times throughout the X Factor performance show this week I felt like I was watching a Saturday Night Live sketch (particularly when Lakoda Rain was performing in their Disney Princess tableau), I am still madly in love with this show. I’ll take a little cheese mixed in with all of the delicious talent.

There are now eleven contestants remaining after InTENsity got the boot (that decision was not hard to see comin’) and here is how I categorize the rest of the contestants:

The “I Don’t Get It” Group, as in, I don’t get why they’re still around or why the judges love them so much. They would be kicked off swiftly and quickly, in this order, if the voting was up to me.

  • Lakoda Rain–I get it that they are hot and have pretty voices but why are they still…wait, I just got my answer, it’s the hot thing isn’t it? Moving on…
  • Stereo Hogzz--They are not relevant nor are they on key. Boy/Man bands went out with Boyz to Men and baby doll dresses.
  • Marcus Canty–He’s an amalgam of The Fresh Prince and Carlton, cute but cheeseball.

The “I Love ‘Em But They Don’t Got It” Group:

  • Chris Rene–On the fence about his rendition of Superstar, but still love him and want to see him succeed in this competition. More importantly, I want him to stay clean and sober.
  • Stacy Francis–This woman brings me to tears every week but I still have a hard time seeing her winning this competition. She occasionally goes pitchy but always finds a way to hit it out of the park.
  • Leroy Bell–I adore this man. He is endearing and soulful. I want to belly up to a bar and hear his entire life story over stiff drinks.
  • Rachel Crowe--What a little slice of sunshine. She’s every Disney character combined and incarnate, but she has not had good song selections by Simon and has not wowed me since “If I Were a Boy.” She better bring it next week.

Then there is the “They Got It!” group, as in, they have The X Factor and are going to be in the top four.

  • Drew – It won’t be long before I hear her on my Adele Pandora Radio Playlist. Love her.
  • Josh Krajcik — Though I was not a fan of the song choice this week, I could listen to this guy sing all the live long day.
  • Melanie Amaro–She’s in a league of her own. By far the best vocalist of the entire show.
  • Astro–This guy IS the X Factor.

So I predict that it will come down to these last four and that Melanie and Astro are going to duke it out for the 5 mil.


I predict Astro and Melanie will duke it out in the finale

Who are your favorites?

If this version of Jump by Kriss Kross does not make you fall in love with Astro, then you clearly were not attending bars in college towns in 1992.



  1. 1
    Jennifer says:

    I have to say I pretty much agree with your list minus Astro! He reminds me of a punk entitled 14 year old. Hard for me to look beyond it, may be because I have had teenagers and there is nothing worse than having a teen with at TUDE! :) My prediction is that Melanie and Drew will be the last two standing and I predict Drew will win even though Melanie is a better singer. Honestly I cannot STAND Lakoda Rain – PLEASE GET THEM OUTTA THERE!

  2. 2

    OMG! I totally disagree. Can’t stand Astro. I’m all for confidence but smug and cocky and he’s what, 10 or something? By the time this little bugger is 15 he will be smacking “bitches and hos” up in the hizzy, ridin on dubs and pimpin n shit. Am I wrong?
    And every since I found out Stacey Francis was a Scientologist, I just can’t look at her the same. I’m waiting for the aliens to come and get her. I wonder what her thetian levels are.

  3. 3
    Dylan says:

    Here is my prediction – InTensity cause they have been voted off

    1. Astro
    2. Stacy Francis
    3. The Strero Hogzz
    4. Chris Rene
    5. Rachel Crwo
    6. Marcus Canty
    7. Josh Krajik
    8. Lakoda Rayne
    9. Melenie Amaro
    10. LeRoy Bell
    11. Drew (she sucks!!!)

  4. 4
    Moham says:

    Mark my words, it’ll be “Josh Krajik Vs. Melanie Amaro” in the finals. Astro will come in third place.

  5. 5
    Sarah Larson says:

    2011 X factor winner

    1) Josh Krajcik (people love his authenticity)
    2) Rachel Crow (people love her, shes so young though to start a full time singer career)
    3) Astro (i dont see him going worldwide, i see him as one hit wonder)
    4) Drew (she will have an album no matter what)
    5) Melanie Amaro (Simon picks the perfect songs and setups for her)
    6) Lakoda Rayne (this group has become quite cheesy and needs to stick to strictly country, Paula is not doing a good job leading them)
    7) Leroy Bell (people like him cause hes 60 yrs old, not cause of his voice)
    8) Chris Rene (not the best singer, just entertaining)
    9) Marcus (hes ruined his good boy image this past week, people are not going to like how hes becoming someone hes not)

  6. 6
    Dylan says:

    I have changed my prediction
    1)Melenie Amaro (sounds like Jordin Sparks)
    2)Astro (cocky, but typical 14 yr. old)
    3)Josh Krajik (love his rock sound)
    4)Rachel Crow (lil Byeonce)
    5)Chris Rene (just like Mike Posner)
    6)Lakoda Rayne (soo hott and soo good)
    7)LaRoy Bell (has a good voice but dont got the X Factor)
    8)Marcus Canty (not original)
    9)Drew (she has a good voice but nothing to make her preformances interesting)

  7. 7
    Dylan says:

    i cant choose a fav
    I just dont know

  8. 8
    Dylan says:

    1. Melenie Amaro
    2. Astro
    3. Rachel Crow
    4. Chris Rene
    5. Josh Krajik
    6. Drew
    7. Marcus Canty

  9. 9
    Annette says:

    I have to say that I think your predictions are fairly accurate. Being a singer myself for over 25 years….I will say that Melanie is number one. The comments people make about Simon setting her up with good songs each week is hilarious to me because there is not a song that this girl can not sing and sing well!
    If anything I woud say he is setting up Drew, that girl has a nice unique voice but for goodness sake, she has not once done an uptempo song, where is the diversity…….? As for second place, I am not sure about this one, I am going to go out on a limb and say maybe Josh, maybe Drew, maybe the little brat Astro…..whom I think is super talented and will be a star one day. I have my money on Melanie for first, have said so since her audition.

  10. 10
    Michelle says:

    So here is (as LA says) “the truth”
    6, 7 – Drew and Marcus
    (Marcus and Drew are interchangable) Drew keeps singing the same things over and over and I end up fastforwarding her. Marcus needs to focus on singing moreso than his dance moves.
    5. Chris Rene – he should be happy finishing here. I think he and Astro should make a record one day.
    4. Rachel Crowe – She will be grabbed by either Broadway or Disney. She has a good life ahead of her.
    3, 2, 1 – Astro, Melanie or Josh. All three of these folks will duke it out as they all have the “X” factor. They are all very talented and we hope to see their work in the future.

  11. 11
    sue says:

    I hope and pray it is Josh Krajcik. Melanie is awesome too but just screams in the way too big voice all the time for me. Krajcik is by far the most versatile singing style, very savy, and plays piano and guitar. The “kids” might swing the vote for a younger one but I do wish the “rock” people would get in there and support Krajcik.

  12. 12
    Dylan says:

    Winner- Melanie Amaro
    Runner-Up- Rachel Crow
    3rd- Chris Rene
    4th- Josh Krajik
    Next- Marcus Canty

  13. 13
    Dylan says:

    Catlyn Koch
    Jazzlyn Little
    Tiah Tolliver
    Tiger Budbill
    Tim Cliffers
    Joshua Maddox
    4 Shore
    Makenna & Brock
    Brennin Hunt
    Matthew Solovcek
    Hannah Bethel
    Tinuke Gyetule
    Reina Williams
    Andrew Muccitelli

    Were people who I liked in bootcamp and Judges Homes who were eliminated

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