everyone’s a winner with these black jack tips

As I was packing for my trip to Vegas to celebrate my husband’s 40th (and cheer him on while he runs the Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon), I began to twitch a little bit thinking about one of my favorite past times, playing Black Jack. It’s been far too long that I’ve played Black Jack and I’m nervous that my skills will be rusty. So, I’ve decided to review some of the tips and tricks I learned over the years, and share them here with you, in case you find yourself in a casino anytime soon.

Nine Black Jack Tips for the Occasional, Light-Hearted Gambler

Casino Black Jack Tips

1)   Be friendly with the people at your table. This will annoy some players, but for the most part, people will return your kindness and strike up conversation. This helps warm up the table and get a good vibe goin’.

2)   Be friendly with the dealer. Same reasons as above.

3)   Realize when the table is cold. If the dealer is on a roll, as in they win three times in a row, or get blackjack two times in a row, GET UP and walk away. Stat.

4)   Always splits 8’s and aces. I’m not proficient at explaining WHY you want to do this, I just know that I you do, unless the dealer is on a hot streak and in that case you shouldn’t still be sitting there anyway. I found a good explanation on the rules and odds of doubling down on the

5)   Never take insurance. 

6)   Don’t get too drunk. I have definitely gone against this rule a time or two, but this is a good rule of thumb for any gambling. Obviously the main reason is that judgment gets skewed after too many cocktails which will lead to possible bad decisions, but another reason is because you don’t want to get too drunk that you accidentally spill your cocktail all over the BlackJack Table. Hearing the dealer yell “SPILL” at the top of her lungs, calling attention to everyone in the casino is mighty embarrassing.

7)   Always assume the dealer has a 10 underneath and make all your decisions based on that assumption.

8)  Pocket some of your winnings as you go along, without counting how many you pocket (Kenny Rogers’ prophetic words live on forever, “never count your money, when you’re sitting at the table.”

9)   When the dealer busts, you and ideally everyone at your table needs to yell, in unison, “EVERYONE’s A WINNER.”

For a demonstration of #9, watch this video.

And check out my guest post from last year on Jean Has Been Shopping, a Vegas-born-blog, where I tell a little backstory behind “eveyone’s a winner.”

I’ll be following these nine rules this weekend and will report back next week as to how I fair. What’s your favorite Casino game? Any tips?



  1. 1

    Have a great time! Thanks for the tips. I don’t tend to gamble in Vegas. Just shop, eat, drink, and have fun!

  2. 2
    Life As Wife says:

    Do they really yell if you spill something? Haha remind me to never go to a casino!

  3. 3
    anna see says:

    have a great time! my sis is running the race there too!

  4. 4

    […] 40th birthday was a blast. Besides pushing my luck on Deuces are Wild slots and trying to make the dealer bust at black jack by yelling “Everyone’s a winner!” (which I did, by the way), I also discovered a few other “Must Do’s” while in […]

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