a completely inane post about leg warmers


Olivia Newton-JohnI have leg warmers on the brain.

My freakish obsession started a few weeks before Christmas, when I spotted some funky adult leg warmers at Target. I passed by them at first,  did a double-take, walked back to them, fondled them a bit, and then tried to imagine where in the hell I would wear them. I was a sweat-band’s length way from buying them, but then chickened out. I hung them back up next to the old lady knee high trouser socks and walked away humming, “Let me hear your body talk, your body talk . . .”

And as soon as I walked away, I regretted leaving them behind.

Then, last week a fellow tweeter tweeted this:

Can women wear leg warmers?I’ve only just recently met this funny gal, Jenna, via Twitter and am pretty sure we’d be besties if we met in person because she’s pretty much rad. I immediately tweeted back,

leg warmers for adultsA long and hilarious (you-had-to-be-there kind of hilarious) twitter conversation ensued. And now, I REALLY can’t stop thinking about leg warmers.

Just the mere thought of leg warmers make my heart feel all warm and cozy, probably because they remind me of my youth. You know, the youth that is slipping farther and farther away. They remind me of my days in the dance studio as a young ballerina. And of those summer afternoons, roller skating around my driveway as a young Olivia Newton-John wannabe, singing along with the Xanadu Soundtrack.

Speaking of Xanadu, please tell me you’ve seen this film. If you haven’t, go buy some Boones Farm or fancy box wine and rent it (a good buzz will be necessary in order to make it through, but seriously, it’s a classic).

Back to the inane topic at hand . . . though, as I mentioned in my tweet, we’re “never too old” to wear leg warmers, but it’s kind of like the whole pigtail thing. Should a woman of “mature age” be wearing pigtails and leg warmers? Well despite mild reservations I had at Target a few weeks ago, I say hell yes!

And with that, I’m now on a hunt for some wicked cool leg warmers that I can wear to my 40th birthday party. I’m really maybe sorta kinda serious about it, so if you find any, give me a holla!

Now, go rent Xanadu, and report back to me tomorrow.



  1. 1
    Laurie Houston says:

    As Rod Stewart says “Forever Young”…buy the legwarmers. Tenille has some great ideas of how to put them together with an outfit!
    Love you sis!

  2. 2

    Not seeing any leg warmers in LMFAO -Sexy And i Know It video but wonder if they could turn up in a sequel? Laughing picturing the men in leg warmers…just saying! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaCCN95S7A8&feature=related We love your blog! You keep us laughing all day!

  3. 3
    Tracey Adams says:

    I say you could rock the leg warmers! I might try pig tails! xoxo

  4. 4
    Ali says:

    I have to admit, I was also eyeballing those legwarmers at Target, and wishing I still had some of mine from back in the day, because DANG! they are PRICEY!

    • Mary says:

      That is probably the main reason that I walked away from them. I spent so much money over the holidays that I couldn’t justify them, but now I regret it!!!

  5. 5
    Jamie says:

    Go rent Xanadu? Are you kidding me? I OWN a copy! And it totally warmed the cockles of my heart to recently discover that Roller Boogie is available on Netflix. Ah, nostalgia, thy taste is sweet!

  6. 6
    Corrin says:

    Buy the legwarmers but only wear them at home. Ditto pigtails.

  7. 7
    Laura F says:

    Boot socks. Go look them up at etsy. They’re basically leg warmers that peak out of the top of your cute boots. I want a pair with buttons or lace at the top. Sooo cute. FYI, I stood in front of the leg warmers at Target a few nights ago; just yearning but not brave enough.

  8. 8
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