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The Adele 21 CD has pretty much been on repeat in my car and on my computer since last spring when I bought it. As a result, my kids know every word, just like I do. The other day, as Rolling in the Deep was cranking in the car, I turned around to catch them singing at the top of their lungs, and with feeling. It reminded me of the post I wrote last week about singing Janis Joplin with my college girlfriends.

As I looked back at my kids singing, I got a vision of them off at college someday, listening to “old-school artists” that their mom used to love. I could picture them, in 12-15 years from now, in a messy dorm room somewhere, hanging out with their friends, blasting Adele’s 21, remembering the lyrics from way back in the day, with accompanying fond memories of their childhood.

They will also have this YouTube video, taken last summer, to remind them.

That vision was comforting to me, just like the melody of an old, favorite song. Adele’s voice comforts me and it moves me in ways that I cannot explain, though I tried here in my review of 21.

I feel a similar sort of electric current pulse through me with Adele, as when I hear Janis. Both women have such a soulful way of making me feel passionately about life with their words, their voices and their melodies. And then there’s P!nk. Oh good lord, I love that woman. She’s another one who gets me goin’. The music of all three women have a way of making me want to either go on a long run or belly up to a bar with a bottle and a pack.

What artists get you goin’?



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    Adele is amazing. I love it that my 18-year-old, my six-year-old and I all agree on her and that we all want her music turned to 11. Lately I’ve been listening to and remembering many of the Lilith Fair era artists of the ’90s: Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Merchant, Jewel, Suzanne Vega, Beth Orton, Ani DeFranco, etc. It was a good time for women singer-songwriters. Their music carried me through major changes in my life: marriage, first baby, divorce, moving and career change. Where have all those women gone?

    • Mary says:

      Oh I used to be so into all of those Lilith Fair ladies, particularly Sarah M. and Indigo Girls. Fumbling Toward Ecstasy was like 21 is to me now. I had it on repeat all the time. Pretty sure that is the CD I would take with me on a deserted island.

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