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UCSF liver transplant video The Gift Amy and Olivia

Last year I had the privilege of watching a miracle happen, one that saved the life of my best friend from college, Amy. In 2010, Amy was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer that did not respond to the chemotherapy treatments, and in 2011 an angel named Olivia donated half of her liver to Amy so that she could live.

Now, over a year later, Amy is living a healthy, full life, raising her two children and Olivia has just had a baby of her own. Their miraculous surgery took place at University of California, San Francisco Medical Center and some filmmakers from UCSF just completed this mini-documentary about their story. It is inspiring and life-affirming. Take a few minutes to watch this beautiful story called The Gift, featuring Amy and Olivia. Oh, and grab your Kleenex.



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    Laura F says:

    This is just such an incredible story. After meeting Amy at your 40th birthday party, I never would have believed she lived through this had I not already known….what an amazing woman.

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