ah shucks

Since I haven’t been able to put out a video in months due to the fact my laptop took a bath (literally it was submersed in a pool of water that had spilled without me noticing), and I have henceforth been working on an archaic desktop with outdated everything while I save enough money to buy another one on which I can record and edit videos again, I wanted to share a few of my favorite videos that are making their way around the Interwebs.

Enjoy (And look for Mama Mary videos in the fall!)!

I rolled my eyes when I first heard about this but it’s truly genius. “I’m Farming and I Grow It” to the tune of “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”Give it a chance, I promise it’s worth it!



Adorable, right?

Now, watch as Ken shucks corn and gets COMPLETELY CLEAN EARS! This is no joke and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. At least your corn-eating life.

Happy Friday!



  1. 1
    Chandra says:

    I saw the corn shucking tip on Pinterest, but I love this video so much better! Can’t wait for mor Mama Mary videos in the fall.

  2. 2
    Laura F says:

    I have seen both of these before and love the farm boys! I haven’t tried the corn trick but I have been meaning to!

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