boobie trapped

Boobie trapped

A few days ago, the kids and I were having some downtime so I decided to show them a few of my favorite dances from last week’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Within a few minutes, a ballroom number came on the screen and the male, Cole, who is one of my favorite dancers this season, donned a long sleeve button-up shirt which was completely open and unbuttoned, the way those ballroom boys do it.

This is the conversation that ensued between Lexi (4), Lily (6), and me:

Lexi: Mommy, that boy doesn’t have a shirt. His boobies are showing.

Me: Well, he does have a shirt, it’s just unbuttoned.

Lexi: But his boobies are showing.

Lily: Boys don’t have boobies, Lexi.

Lexi: Yes, they do.

Lily: No, they don’t.

Lexi: Yes, they do. I see them right there.

Lily: No, they don’t.

Lexi: Well, daddy has boobies.


You might notice that my participation in this conversation was non-existent after my first chime in because frankly, I was too busy hiding my giggling to say anything. (Yes, I still giggle like a second grader when someone farts or I hear words like boobies. Doesn’t everyone?)

Also, what do you say to this? It’s hard to explain the whole guys don’t have to wear shirts thing. I’ve already been asked about the birds and the bees, in a round-about-way, by my kiddos, thanks to my neighbor (full post on that to follow next week), so I wanted to avoid this boobie thing completely.

So, I asked her a question about Doc McStuffins and how she fixes boo-boos, and she forgot all about the boobie thing.


Speaking of SYTYCD, now that the All-Stars have made their way into the mix, the show has once again reclaimed it’s number one spot in my heart. I still don’t like the one night format, but I LOVE the dancers paired with the All-Stars and last night’s episode was one of the best ever (I say that a lot, BUT, every final rose episode is the most dramatic ever so there).

Oh, and one more thing. . .  pop on over to my girl Nicole’s site called Life of a Rock Star where I am talking about my latest favorite new song on the radio by my hero, P!nk. (Leave it to Pink to name her first song back after having a baby, Blow Me!)




  1. 1

    Ellie does not get the whole “Boys don’t have to wear shirts” thing. Neither did I as a kid. I actually to thought to be fair girls shouldn’t have to wear pants. I mean we don’t have a thingy. I now see the error of my ways. Kinda.

  2. 2
    Chelsea says:

    Lol! According to my 4 year old, boys have “peanutses.”

  3. 3
    Kat says:

    That IS a hard question to answer! I like your evasion strategy. Taking notes!

  4. 4
    laura says:

    That’s awesome! I just had this convo with me son, but more along the lines of his baby sisters eating from mommy’s … “are those utters momma?”
    I couldn’t avoid this one. I had to suffer through it, and all the other questions like, “does daddy have…. breasts? and did I or baby sisters eat from them?”

  5. 5
    Dan Pearce says:

    I’m pretty sure boys do have boobies. I know cause I watch mine bounce in the mirror every time I do jumping jacks at group fitness classes.

  6. 6
    SurferWife says:

    Oh, I fear all of our girls conspiring one day. We have some Karma coming back to us, you know.

  7. 7

    OMG … Princess D was watching SYTYCD today (which is just awesome) and she refused to watch Chehon’s solo because she wasn’t wearing a shirt!

  8. 8

    I need to learn the evade and distract method much better than I currently do.
    I can’t effectively hide my laughing at inappropriate humor either.
    I’m raising little 12-year-old boys instead of girls.

  9. 9
    SIL Laura says:

    I can picture the two of them discussing this in their serious way..adorable! I don’t remember having this discussion with Taylor, but her dad hardly ever wore a shirt around the house…but then again, neither do I!

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