easy yoga poses to do with kids

Namaste National Yoga MonthSeptember is National Yoga Month and though I do not attend yoga classes regularly anymore (thanks to my mad love affair with The Dailey Method), there are certain aspects, poses and virtues of yoga that I carry with me every day, and that I find particularly helpful with my kids.


National Yoga MonthI can’t tell you how many times I have done oms with my kids before bed to calm them down or to settle down their breathing when they’ve become hysterical over something. Here is a cute way to teach your kids how to “Om.”



Downward-Facing Dog

Downward facing dog helps anxiety

It’s no fluke that most kids just innately find themselves in this position. Inverted positions are supposed to help with any number of ailments, especially panic attacks and anxiety. This pose is a great way to center oneself, for either an adult or a kiddo.

Cat/ Cow

Cat Cow for stomach cramps

Got Gas? Try Yoga. Seriously, the Cat /Cow pose is a cure all for almost any stomach ailments, including period cramps, though its primary purpose is mainly for back strength. The other day one of my daughters said her tummy hurt. After ruling out Appendicitis (because that’s the first thing us hypochondriac, paranoid parents jump to), I figured it was a pesky gas bubble, so I took her inside, away from all the people at the party, and we both assumed the cat/cow position on all-fours. We faced each other and just talked in that position for 5-10 minutes til she tooted a couple times and was cured (we also always laugh a lot in that position, so it helps take their mind off the pain).

My other favorite poses are spinal twist, Happy Baby, and Child’s Pose. They are are perfect way to stretch after a workout, relieve stress and get out the kinks after a hard day.

I owe my knowledge of kids’ yoga all to Jodi of Next Generation Yoga, whom we lovingly call Jo-Jo. Click here to learn more about her Whale Yoga for Kids and click here to read about my mortifying experience at a mommy and me yoga class when my kids were little.




  1. 1
    jodi says:

    LOVE it ALL!! especially baby lexi doing the NGY song!!

  2. 2
    Galit Breen says:

    Love this, girlie!

    (And I love starting the habit of exercising with my kids! Such a win for everyone!)

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