bring akinator the genie to your next party

If you want to be the hit at the next party you attend (like maybe a Superbowl party this weekend, especially if you’re not really into the game), download this app and bust it out after the first or second cocktail. It’s called Akinator the Genie and it is my latest app obsession.

Basically, Akinator the Genie asks you to think of ANY character, fictional or non, from ANY movie, TV show TV, play or book, and by using the same logic as the 20 Questions game, he will guess the character you have selected. And he WILL guess it. Only once or twice have we been able to stump the ol’ Ak-ster.

For me he’s guessed Brett from Pulp Fiction (you know, “check out the big brain on Brett”), Baroness Schroeder from Sound of Music, Frank Mackey from Magnolia, and Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks. 

Akinator the web genius

It’s NUTS!
The app costs $1.99 but you can play for free on the website, Akinator the Web Genius.

Just try to stump him and let me know if you do!


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    pbraxton2 says:

    “It’s called Akinator the Genie and it is my latest app obsession”
    I don’t agree

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