LEGO® is taking over youtube one click, or is that brick, at a time

Yesterday I wrote about my latest favorite app/game and today I’m talking about two of my kids’ latest favorite things: LEGO® Friends and YouTube.

First let’s start with LEGO Friends and let me just say (or yell) THANK YOU LEGO, for making this adorable girl-friendly line of mini-figures and bricks!

Before LEGO first introduced their new LEGO Friends sets last January, my girls weren’t too big on LEGO products, with the exception of their DUPLO set that donned dried baby food and spit up from 4 years prior. It’s not that they didn’t like LEGO products, in fact, LEGOLAND is one of their favorite places to go, they just weren’t captivated by any of the toy lines, like Ninjago and Harry Potter just didn’t float their proverbial boats.

Enter the lovely LEGO ladies of Heartlake City, Stephanie, Mia, Olivia, and Andrea, who have won my daughters’ hearts, and mine too now. I can’t say enough great things about these LEGO Friends, especially since my six year old, who wakes up before anyone else in my family, now heads downstairs by herself to put together her LEGO Friends sets, quietly and by herself.

new LEGO friends product line

Official LEGO Channel on Youtube featuring LEGO friendsTheir second obsession lately is searching YouTube for fun videos to watch. When I heard some strange noises coming from one of the videos I quickly grabbed the iPAd back from them and put a ban on YouTube, because there is no way to know what videos they are seeing.

Well, as luck would have it, LEGO has just solved my problems by combining my kids’ two favorite things. They have developed an Official LEGO Channel on YouTube. Win/Win!

Now, parents can prevent non-LEGO videos from being recommended by making a playlist and putting only LEGO channel videos. That way the kiddos can watch their favorite videos without some creepy mislabeled video popping up.!

There are over 580 videos on the Official LEGO Channel and my girls and I spent time looking through them over the weekend. Thanks to the vids, my girls are actually learning to love some of the other LEGO product lines, especially STAR WARS. Even though they haven’t seen any of the movies yet (I know, shame on me!!!), their dad tells them all the STAR WARS movie plots as their bed time stories, so they are getting a kick out of watching LEGO “Dark Vader.”

If you have some LEGO fanatics living under your roof, which I bet a big sum of money on that you do, head on over to the Official LEGO Channel on YouTube, check out their huge library of videos and help your kiddos make some playlists that you know will be safe for them to be alone with (alone being the operative word in that sentence, so maybe you as a parent can get some peace and quiet in your otherwise crazed day!).

Instructions to build a playlist:

·     Visit and watch one of your favorite videos
·     Click “Video Options”?
·     Select “Add To Playlist”?
·     Sign-In using your YouTube Login ?
·     Add your selected video to an existing playlist or create a new one?
·     To prevent non-LEGO® videos from being recommended, build your playlist using only ?Official LEGO® Channel videos. ?

Here is a video about the channel:

Have fun viewing and let me know which vids you and your kiddos are liking the best!

Oh and don’t forget to reply below for a chance to win (1) prize of $1,000 to be used toward buying your family’s favorite LEGO product! (Prize updated 1.15.13 11:30PM PST).


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