solitaire deluxe — my new favorite app

Have you ever tried to fit all seven card-stacks of a Solitaire game on the tray table of an airplane? It’s not easy, but it can be done. It’s a skill I mastered over the years because ever since I learned how to play Solitaire when I was an eight-year-old side-ponytail-wearer watching my mom play for hours, it has been one of my favorite games. Now, even though I have finally mastered the art of fitting a Solitaire game in anywhere, anytime, my Solitaire addiction is now easier and more accessible than ever thanks to the Solitaire Deluxe app by Mobile Deluxe.

Dude. This game is awesome and has completely won my heart out over Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends, and even Draw Something, mainly because I can play by myself and don’t need to wait on anyone else taking their turn.

Solitaire Deluxe has a crapton of games but I’m particularly obsessed with the “Klondike” version of the game, which seems to be the most like the version of Solitaire I played growing up, so I haven’t even explored all the other wondrous versions that the app has in store. I’m so obsessed with winning each hand that I restart the deal several times trying to find ways to beat the machine. Seeing this “you won” screen is my latest favorite ego boost.

tips for playing solitaire deluxe on iPad

Solitaire Deluxe is an absolutely FREE download that you can “pick up and play” anywhere… even without an Internet connection.

Other fab features about the download? (1) It is 4.5-star rated app in iTunes and Google Play, (2) includes simple tutorials for all 16 games, and (3) makes it super easy to find friends using Facebook connect.

Download your FREE Solitaire Deluxe game now! But first, enter below to win this awesome Clarisonic Prize Pack from Mobile Deluxe. The prize pack includes:

  • Clarisonic PLUS
  • Universal Charging Cradle
  • Sensitive Brush Head
  • Body Brush Head
  • 1 oz trial size Refreshing Gel Cleanser
  • 2 oz trial size Refining Skin Polish

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a game of Solitaire to play.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mobile Deluxe.



  1. 1

    I’m a Solitaire nut. And my new favorite? Letris. But it’s giving me a heart attack because it’s timed. So not a win-win.

  2. 2
    LizzieB says:

    Okay, you had me when you said better than “words with friends and better than scramble with friends!” Off to download a new app… damn you!

  3. 3

    Yana dah duduk jauh kebelang dari laptop sambil menutup mata. Nak tak? Suhah dengar tak apa yang mak cakap ni? tanpa memberitahu sahabatnya Fatin.apa pulak?? “Baca dekat matalah! Bukan dia. apa yang aku nak,“Jangan takut.cik kat hospital sekarang Lelaki tu dah ditangkap polis” Ujarnya apabila melihat keadaanku yang ketakutan itu Aku pandang wajah lelaki di depan.Cerpen : Indahnya Hidup Ini Nama Pena : smallballoon“Umi

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