a lincoln review and oscar predictions

In anticipation of the Academy Awards this weekend, Steve and I went to see Lincoln on our last date nightsince it’s one of the most highly touted films of the year. It’s truly a remarkable film and one that stayed with me for a few days afterward. The video above is a quick review of the film, coming from the perspective of this avid Les Mis fan. I also make some Oscar predictions so tune in!

Oscar Best Actor Race 2013

Speaking of the Oscars, be sure to join me and the MomSmack gals on Twitter on Sunday, Feb 24th for #OscarSmack, a virtual Oscars party with fun tweeting, trivia and awesome giveaways (I’m talking spa and resort packages at KSL resorts. You don’t want to miss it!). Check out the MomSmack site for details and to fill out your ballot!


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    Jen says:

    I LOVE your movie reviews… #thatisall

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