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Real moms discussing real parenting topics on Fox 5

This week on our Ask the Moms segment on Fox 5 news, we tackled a few controversial topics. Once I got over seeing myself in the monitor with my new long hair (yes, it’s new and I’ll tell you all about the why, how, and when later this week), I managed to talk about breasts, Hooter Hiders and how I don’t always like all the kids in my daughters’ classes. Click here to hear some of our advice on how long a mom should breastfeed and how to avoid being a short order cook at dinner time for your picky eaters.

During our second segment we covered a couple of “buzz-worthy topics” including the emotionally charged news that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together again. In this clip we talk about everything from redemption to talking to your kids about celebrities and their bad decisions.

I wish we had had a lot more time to talk about this situation with Riri and Chris Cray Cray Brown, but unfortunately there was some other pressing news items that cut our segmgent short. What do you think about Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together. Is it possible that he can change and control his violent tendencies? Is he beyond redemption in your eyes? Is it any of our business?



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    Way to bury the lead, girl. LOVE the new hair.

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    Michelle Hickman says:

    Too bad you totally misrepresented breastfeeding moms in America. It’s funny how our society is ok with breast exposure used in commercials selling beer, but that you believe a mom nursing her baby in public is unacceptable to the point that all breastfeeding moms should leave the United States and move to another country. What morals are we teaching our daughters to use their breast and sell their bodies for beer, but not for the purpose that the mammary glands were designed for.

  3. 3
    Kate says:

    I have to agree with Michelle! Since when are exposed breasts unacceptable in our country??? Have you seen TV commercials or walked through a mall or thumbed through a magazine in the last 20 years? The information given regarding breastfeeding was full of holes and offered by people with no apparent lactation credentials anyway. Sad.

  4. 4
    Andrea says:

    Man, such ignorance. It makes me sad. The WHO recommends a MINIMUM of 2 years of breastfeeding, then as long as they want to continue, not “up to 2 years.” The biologically normal age of weaning is 4-5 years, and the “normal” age to wean is 2-7 years of age. There’s a lot more pressure to wean, to hide, to NOT breastfeed (still a minority of moms do in the US) than there is to breastfeed. You guys just added more ignorant pressure to NOT breastfeed.

  5. 5
    Cristine says:

    I’m a pretty laid back person and I appreciated your noting that there are a lot of cultural issues around breastfeeding and then my jaw dropped when you suggested that women who nurse in public should move to another country because that’s not acceptable here. I sincerely hope that that was an off the cuff comment you didn’t really mean because that’s the most intolerant thing I’ve heard in a very long time. I could make the comparison to me saying I didn’t like some of the bikinis some women where in front of my son at a public beach, do I have the right to demand that the life guard ask them to go wear their bikinis in the bathroom or in the car(or move to another country)? But you know what’s wrong with this comparison? Bikinis are designed to sexualize a woman’s body whereas breastfeeding is an act of feeding a child and love, there is nothing sexual or lewd about it. When can we as women stop policing ourselves? Why is so important to take pressure off of women to breastfeed only to reapply worse pressure by telling them, well, if you want to breastfeed under exactly what circumstances that it’s acceptable to do so.

    You are of course entitled to your opinion but it would have been really nice if at least one of the panelist’s had made note of the fact, opinions aside, that for over 15 years CA state law protects and guarantees the right of a woman to breast feed anywhere, and in any fashion, where she or the baby would otherwise be allowed.

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    Dawn says:

    WOW! Go to another country where it’s more accepted to not hide the *normal* way to feed your child? A family BATHROOM? Moms who don’t cover up make those around them uncomfortable? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! Woman like you are the reason that breastfeeding is not considered “normal” in our country. You’ve forgotten the point of breastfeeding…to nourish your child the way nature intended. Do you concern yourself with the feelings of those around you when feeding your child chemical laden formula? How about when you feed yourself, do you think sitting in a “family’ bathroom sounds like a great place to eat? You ladies should all be ashamed of yourselves. I feel sorry for your children, especially your daughters (if you have them).

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    Becca says:

    What a disappointment! A huge step back. Nursing moms need and deserve support. They are doing what is best for their baby and what is recommended by the medical field. Nursing mothers should not need to hide in a car, bathroom, or anywhere else to feed their child. Breastfeeding in car in a parking lot is a safety issue. I feel terrible for new moms or moms to be who watched this and feel shamed, or that they need to hide or stop breastfeeding at a year. If you breastfeed for a year, good for you. If you breastfeed for 2, 3, whatever, good for you. That is up to mom and baby. We need to start supporting women. This is so sad. Go to another country? I am in shock over that comment. Ignorance, misinformation, judgement. What a shame.

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    Elouise says:

    That’s an inventive answer to an inrntestieg question

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