how to get rid of puffy eyes

I’m very familiar with having a puffy face. Before the age of thirty, I didn’t realize the correlation between drinking too much alcohol, not drinking enough water, and eating too much salt, with having puffy face. Not that it would have mattered; even if I had known the correlation I probably still would have had too much alcohol and then indulged in a 2 am snack of some salty kind or another. Nevertheless, I really could have used some of the knowledge contained in this video, that I have gleaned over the past few years, way back in my twenties. And now, in my forties, I need this info other reasons, because getting old throws all sorts of curve balls at ya.

Eye Dews and Cucumbers for Puffy Eyes

FYI, I received no kickbacks from any of the companies mentioned. I just really like their products!


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