justin timberweek – day 2

We’re one day in to Justin Timberweek . . . how y’all feeling? I’m feeling mighty fine about it especially since I was able to listen to his new album on iTunes last night and I’m digging on it, hard.

New Justin Timberlake cd on iTunes with Suit and Tie


The first song, Pusher Lover Girl, is sultry and groovin’ and made me die on the inside just a little. I loved the rest of the CD too, since I love everything this man does, but it is going to take another 2-3 listen-throughs before it gets under my skin. The vibe is way different from Future Sex Love Sound which reflects some growth and maturity on his part, as does the new slick backed hair (which I prefer to the popcorn head, I must admit).

Now, as for Justin on Jimmy Fallon, say what? Too much hot hilariousness to handle in one span of one hour. The two of them together are my favorite duo, maybe ever.

Here is a video of Lexi and I singing along to the first track, Pusher Lover Girl.

Stay tuned for more highlights throughout the week, as well as my story on what happened at the JT commercial audition. I can’t believe I haven’t shared that yet!


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    Love a vlog with the real life tidbits with the girls – the end with the computer switching sides = precious!

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