talking to kids about sex as seen on fox 5 san diego

Mama Mary Show on Fox 5 News talking about kids and sex

Our Fox 5 “Ask the Moms” segments today dealt with all things sex, from “playing doctor” to seeing the opposite sex naked.

In the first segment we discussed:

1) What do you do when your teen has been caught kissing a boy at school.

2) What do you do when your kids are caught “playing doctor”

3) At what age should your kids stop seeing their parents and/or friends of the opposite sex naked.

Here is the video so you can hear the questions and answers.

In the second segment, we discussed what age is appropriate to begin having “The Talk.” We also discussed a set of ads that recently went up on bilboards around New York City trying to warn teens of the dangers and reprecussions of teen pregnancy in a very blunt and real manner. I first found out about these ads on The Stir, so you can check out the entire article and all the ads on, but here is just one of the ads.

NYC ads send blunt messages against teen pregnancy

Image via NYC Human Resources Administration

I think the ad campaign is genius. Let’s scare the crap out of these teens.

Also, here are some excellent articles I found that you can refer to when you are ready to broach the birds and the bees subject with your kids. has a Guide to Talking to Kids About Sex that breaks down the subject by what information is appropriate to share by age, according to what the kids are able to process.

Planned Parenthood has a helpful area of their website dedicated to this topic. Here is an At-a-Glance information page about how to talk to your kids about sex.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has a great “Fact for Families” page.

Currently, I am working up the courage to start this conversation with Lily, since my pediatrician recommended that I start sometime this year. I will be vlogging about my efforts, but before I start, I’d love to hear some of your tips and tricks. Have you had the conversation? How did it go? Did you throw up before or afterward?


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