sleep with angels

In the wake of Cory Monteith’s tragic death last week, I found myself devastated and heartbroken. Since 2009 when GLEE first aired, I have followed the show religiously–every note, every mash-up, every borderline-cheesy but always amazing Broadway show tune sung by the talented and effervescent cast, a cast that collectively and individually strikes a chord with each and every fan. Something about the show’s joyful tone and message of acceptance makes its fans feel like they are part of the GLEE family, so though none of us GLEEks knew Cory in person, we are all deeply saddened by his death.

Also, in the wake of Cory Monteith’s tragic death, I have been thinking nonstop about a friend of mine from years ago, a friend I met while working at a TV show production company. Hunter and I were part of a TV production family, a family that worked hard together and played hard together. We experienced our twenties together, living, laughing, singing karaoke at the Lamplighter, and loving every minute of it. Many of my closest friends are from that time period of my life (I even married one of them).

Hunter’s personality was similar to the vibe of GLEE. Not only did he love music, but he was also joyful, accepting, and so full of heart that everyone who met him loved him. He could have benefitted from a show like GLEE if it had only come out, so to speak, in the 90’s, since he spent many years of his life hiding who he was. It was about two to three years into our friendship that he had the courage to tell me and the rest of our friends that he was gay, to which we all said, “of course you are” and hugged him ferociously. He also admitted to me, a few years later, that he had a drug problem. I never knew how bad his addiction really was because he hid it well from all of us, and by the time I found out, it was too late too help.

Hunter and I lost touch about six years ago when he moved to LA and I started down my suburban mommy path. I thought about tracking him down many times, but part of me was fearful about what I would find. I figured that if he had been okay, he would have reached out to me.

Two days after Cory’s death, Hunter came to me in a dream. I guess, subconsciously, something about Cory’s path was reminiscent of Hunter to me. My dream was vivid and clear and as vibrant as Hunter’s spunky personality.

Upon seeing him in the haze of dreamland I said,

“Oh my God, Hunter, you’re here, you’re okay. I’ve been so worried about you. ”

He looked back at me with his bright smile and manicured eyebrows and said reassuringly,

“Mary, I’m okay. I’m okay.”

I woke up feeling as though I had my friend back, and in that split second I started planning our next wine night where we’d listen to music and laugh ourselves silly about anything and everything. When I realized it was just a dream, I decided I needed to track him down. Something in me told me that he was not okay.

I found an old phone number I had from his family home in Colorado. His step mom answered and after I fumbled for the right words, trying to explain how I knew him and why I was calling, she said quietly, “Oh, Hunter died, three years ago.”

Oh my dear Hunter.

My darkest fears were realized and my heart broken into a million pieces.

I was told that he had been “trying to get his life back together,” living with his partner Dominic and doing really well. His cause of death was cardiac arrest as a result of prescription medication he had been taking for migraines. Though he did not die from a drug overdose, as did Cory Monteith, I suspect his cardiac arrest at the young age of thirty-eight can likely be connected to his drug usage.

I immediately began calling my closest friends who knew and loved Hunter from back in those days. We laughed together through tears as we remembered some of our favorite Hunter stories, like when he called me “Buuuurt” and it sounded like a burp, or when he made a surprise visit to Mariana’s birthday party, with his partner Dominic, both of them donning tuxedos.

Though Hunter has not been an active presence in my life for many years, the news of his death is just as shocking and heartbreaking as if it had been ten years ago in the prime of our friendship. All of these years he has resided in a special place in my heart. I hope that he always knew that.

As I tucked my daughters into bed last night, the three of us said a prayer for Hunter. As I turned to walk out, I said one of my typical farewells,

“Sleep with Angels, girls.”

Ironically, it was Hunter who taught me that phrase eighteen years ago.

Now I know he came to me in my dream to let me know he’s okay where he is now, free from prejudice, shame, demons, and drugs. Cory is there too and most likely they are starting a band, Cory on the drums and Hunter on the piano.

Sleep with angels, Hunter and Cory, and rest in peace.

One of my favorite pics of all time.

Hunter dressed up for my Martini Madness party circa 1996

For those of you who knew Hunter, here is his obituary and also a beautiful video montage that his sister put together.



  1. 1
    Giavanna Berk says:

    Mary — sorry for the loss of you special friend. It’s sort of ironic because when I heard about Cory’s death I thought of you and wondered if you would do a write up in your blog. We’ve only met I think twice and I have read you blogs but you remind me of the same things Glee embodies as well. What you wrote was beautiful! Take care!

  2. 2
    Mariana Salerno says:

    Wow that was incredible, thank you for that amazing tribute to such an amazing person. I still can’t believe it, yet at the same time I can. He will always be part of that special family we had, and it gives me some comfort that in some way he reached out to you and let us all know that he is okay. That picture of the 2 of us kissing and loving him is how I will always remember him. Rest in peace sweet Hunter.

  3. 3
    Cara says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. I was incredibly sad when I heard the news of Cory too, it hit me in places that only those that have loved an addict would know. Hugs sweetie.

  4. 4
    Vangie Regan says:

    that’s a beautiful story you wrote about Hunter. I do remember him and believe he came to at least one of our Miss California parties. So sorry for your loss but you know he’s resting in peace now.

  5. 5
    Jen says:

    Oh Mary… this post. Wow. Being the Gleek that I am, I too was so sadden by Cory’s death. You have touched my heart here with this words.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you, Jen! Still so saddened by it all. I can’t imagine what they are going through during the filming of the upcoming season!

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