arsenio hall and ask the moms talk homework on fox 5

Arsenio Hall is one of the primo pop culture icons of my generation. In 1989, the year he started his talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show, I was a care-free senior in high school, who spent many a night staying up too late, talking on the phone with my best friend while simultaneously watching his hilarious interviews and ogling his astoundingly long fingers. We would watch in silence, until we cracked up laughing at one of his jokes. Many a time my mom had to run into the room to see if I was okay since my raucous cackling sounded like I was being murdered. My love for him was so strong, I even started a petition in the Spring of ’90 to try to get Arsenio to speak at our graduation. That petition didn’t go far at our small, private, conservative school but, oh man, I tried.

On a related note, I’m pretty sure my jungle fever of the 90’s can be attributed to Mr. Hall.

Yesterday, when I showed up to film my weekly Ask the Moms segments on Fox 5, I had the surprise of a lifetime. Arsenio Hall, Mr. Dog Pound himself, was there, slated to be a guest on the show, AND was going to participate in one of the segments with us. Woof, woof, woof, woof.

 Fox 5 Ask the Moms panelists pose with Arsenio Hall

Unfortunately the segment was cut short because a previous segment went too long, but maybe we should be glad the segment was cut short because it mainly consisted of some jokes by Raoul & Arsenio and a lot of school-girl giggling from the three of us panelists. Nevertheless, I love this memory and I can’t wait for his new talk show to begin on 9.9.13! Be sure to tune in!

Here is the segment with Arsenio where we discuss how to get your kid to do their homework:


And here is the first segment of the day in which we tackled some hot topics like the steamy TV trailer that played at 8:00am and enraged a Florida mom blogger, plus a study that links soda consumptions in young kids is linked to aggression.



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    Mariana Salerno says:

    OMG this makes me all sorts of happy!!! My very 80s red lips phone got a lot of usage because of this show, talking to you Mary the ENTIRE episode lol!! My little teeny bopper mind would have exploded then to think that all of these years later you would be in TV with him, sooo crazy. Loved the segment and you look fabulous!!!!

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