legends of the summer tour review and clips

Earlier this month I had the CRAZY opportunity to see the Legends of the Summer Concert starring the dynamic duo of Justin Timberlake and Jay Z at Fenway Park, TWO NIGHTS in a row. I had to pinch myself all weekend and I kept quoting “I Must Have Done Something Good” from Sound of Music because it really was one of the best times of my life, not only because the show was so phenomenal, but also because we spent the weekend with some of our closest friends, dancing, drinking and enjoying the badass city of Boston.

Game On bar outside of Fenway after Legends of Summer Tour

I got to touch the Green Monster for good luck (though it looks like I’m doing more than just touching),

Getting good luck from the Green Monster

we took some backdoor tours of Fenway Park,

Legends of the SUmmer Tour at Fenway Park

and then boogied our butts off to some of the best music ever.

Justin Timberlake in the Legends of the Summer Tour at Fenway

Do you see me in the bottom right?

I came home with blisters, bruises and a bloody lip, but it was all VERY worth it! Watch the video above for clips from the concert and a recap of how I incurred all of the aforementioned injuries.

In a nutshell, JT & Jay Z have some crazy chemistry and off-the-charts stage presence. The two of them together were a perfect combination, which is a little cray cray considering their pasts are so extraordinarily different. Somehow the combo of drug-dealing hood guy meets the Mickey Mouse Club boy band boy just works. Together they produce enough soul, swagger and fist pumping to last a lifetime. My hope is that they come out with a live recording of the show on iTunes because their on-stage collaborations of certain songs like Holy Grail and New York/Empire State cannot be duplicated.


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