parenting questions about new schools, freckles and the miley cyrus vma debacle as seen on fox 5

talking about Miley Cyrus VMA performance onFox 5 News
I get less nervous doing live television now then when I first started doing my regular segments on Fox 5,  but still, there are times when my brain freezes and I cannot think of one articulate thing to say, or, even worse, I try to say something articulate but it comes out sounding like one long German word with no vowels or sense.

For example, this past week we had a question addressing the Miley Cyrus VMA debacle. Though I had been talking, blogging and analyzing the situation til I was seeing dancing bears in my sleep, once the camera was on me, I could not make sense of my thoughts.

In my defense, I caught myself off-guard by mentioning that she was trying get away from the Disney image and then for the next minute, in my head, I started questioning whether or not Hannah Montana is actually a Disney show. So, with a shroud of doubt hanging over me, and my mind racing while still trying to speak, I tripped over my words and didn’t make much sense at all. Thankfully I have awesome panelists, so I “threw it” to my girl Rachel on my left and she gracefully covered for me. That’s what fellow panelists are for, right?

I can’t tell if my blunder was clear to anyone else watching, but it’s pretty clear once you know the back story. Anyway, you all know what I think of the Miley situation, and if you don’t you can read about it here.

In the meantime, check out this clip, get a chuckle from my brain freeze and then learn some valuable information on talking your kids about these types of kid-stars gone wrong, as well as how to help your kid transition to a new school, and whether or not you should be worried about freckles on your kiddo.

Our second segment that day was about the following “hot topics” floating around the Internets.

Daycare workers who were fired for posting pictures of kids on Instagram with mocking captions.
– Talking to your kids about eating disorders sparked by this post by Jeanne Sager on The Stir.
Measles outbreak linked to church where the minister believes in “faith-based healing”.

If you have a burning parenting question, turn your iPhone or iPad on and film yourself asking the question (film it horizontally please) and email it to me at mary [@] mamamaryshow [dot] com.


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    Laura says:

    You are your own worst critic. Remember that! I watched the segment days before you posted this and I didn’t think to myself. “wow, Mary is having an ‘off’ day”. Well done to the whole panel.

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