7 reasons i admire my 7 year old

Today, Lily, you are 7 years old which is a special number because it’s your dad’s favorite number. It’s also special because your tween years are knocking at the door and at 7 I can still call you my little girl.

I see you growing up so fast, right in front of my eyes, which both terrifies and excites me. You have so much adventure and glory in life to discover; oh, the places you’ll go.

Today I can’t help but reflect on the mature, bright young star you have become and all I can think is that I so very proud of you. I admire you like crazy, and here is why . . .

7 Reasons I Admire My 7 Year Old:

7 reasons I admire my 7 year old

1. You’re an athlete. I can barely ride a bike and you just did a triathlon. Go get it, girl!
2. You don’t give up. Even though the triathlon was hard for you, you still want to do it again next year and beat your time. That’s my girl.
3. You tell the truth. You are honest and you expect others to be as well. Don’t ever lose that (even when you’re a teenage sneaking around with boys I don’t like).
4. You yearn to learn. I absolutely love to watch you as you do your homework and then clear off your clipboard from the day, telling me all about what you learned.
5. You love to laugh. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Loud and long and clear.
6. You call me out when I’m behaving badly, or using curse words I shouldn’t, but you also forgive me. You understand that sometimes people can get grumpy and we always hug it out. Which leads me to…
7. You give awesome hugs. Maybe it’s all the practice we had when we were little and had “hug days” all the time, or maybe it’s just that the fact that your heart is bigger than your head; either way, you are a love bug and give the best hugs on earth.

The common factor in all of those reasons is that they all start with your heart; your kind, generous, full heart. That is what amazes me the most about you. I just looked back at the post I wrote last year for your birthday and I wrote a very similar sentiment about you then too. It’s your heart.

Thank you, Lil, for the love and kindness you bring to this world. I know I am a better person with you as my daughter and the world is a brighter place.

All my love,




  1. 1
    theresa says:

    Happy Birthday Lily!!!!!! We love you so much!!!!

  2. 2
    Tamara says:

    Happy Birthday to yours!! Mine turned 7 yesterday and I wrote about her birth story. I could so relate to your post. Made my heart smile!!!

  3. 3
    Laura says:

    I love that girl!

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