getting your kids to listen, dealing with lice and how to prevent injuries in young football players as seen on fox 5

Parenting Questions with the Moms on Fox 5 san diego

This week’s Ask the Mom’s panel tackled a wide range of topics: getting your kids to listen, dealing with lice and how to prevent injuries in young football players.

I firmly believe in the power of that thing that rhyme with minx so even writing out the word “lice” is taking a lot for me. I would normally say, “you know, that thing on top of your head that sounds like the word my Mother-in-law says for rice,” but it’s an important subject and I learned a lot of about it from my fellow panelists.  And I dare you not to say the word lice and then get a case of the all-over-body itches.

Also, in the segment we discussed how to help prevent injuries in boys who want to play football. My genius piece of advice is to get them into GLEE club or the chess club–that will greatly decrease their risk of concussions. But realistically that’s not the answer, so it’s important to know what kind of helmet and guards are for your child’s position and also to be aware of the signs of a concussion.

Our final question was about getting kids to listen.

Getting your kids to listen as seen on Fox 5

My longwinded answer in the segment comes down to these few pieces of advice:
1) Find your tone that means you mean business
2) Use it wisely and sparingly – aka pick your battles and don’t get upset or angry at them every time they don’t do what you say or that they act out. Only when it’s an important lesson and/or someone is at risk of getting hurt.
3) Give them 1 warning/ 1 opportunity to shape up
4) Follow through with given warning and with the repercussion
5) Praise them when they DO listen

For more details on these tips, click on the video below.

If you have a parenting question, be sure to submit a 10-30 second video and we’ll get your question on!


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