GLEE season 5 premiere (spoiler alert)


GLEE Season 5 premiere recap

Last night was the Season Premiere of GLEE, the first episode back since the untimely death of GLEE star, Cory Monteith.

Instead of dealing with the empty seat in the choir room, the episode focused on Rachel’s audition for Funny Girl on Broadway, Artie and Kitty’s developing crush on each other, and Kurt & Blaine’s romantic, flashmobbish engagement (yes, you read that right, they’re engaged!), all set to the music of the Beatles.

I really wanted to Love, Love, Love the episode, since I am a huge Beatles fan and a card-carrying GLEEk, so I hate to say that the episode was a bit awkward for me. Even though I was bopping in my seat and singing along to the entire show to the timeless, classic tunes, something just didn’t feel right. There was a disconnect to see the McKinley High students, singing the songs of 50 years ago, when we’re so used to seeing them sing pop songs with a splash of show tune.

The other disconnect was that missing seat . . . no one mentioned it. I knew that they had decided to wait until episode 3 for the Cory tribute, yet I still sat watching and waiting for something, anything. Rachel’s opening number, the maudlin Yesterday, clearly had double meaning, but it seemed to lack any sort of emotion (which was probably on purpose, since it would have been too hard to “go there'”), and I needed something else.

I’m looking forward to episode 3 of the season, when we can see how Ryan Murphy has decided to wrap up Finn Hudson’s character and we, as fans of the show, can say goodbye to the loveable Finn. And then, we can all move on.



  1. 1
    theresa says:

    I didn’t love last nights episode either and while I love the Beatles, 2 weeks of songs older than you and I seem a bit much.

    I’m glad to have my Glee friends back though!

  2. 2
    Mariana Salerno says:

    Didn’t see the episode but disappointed that there wasn’t even a whisper of Cory, weird!

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