how to pose for pictures

With class picture and family photo session season upon us, I thought I would impart some of my tips and tricks for taking a good photo. I don’t mean actually taking the photo, I leave that to the experts like Chris Nelson, Aileen Treadwell, and Fawn Christiansen. No, this vlog is about how to pose for a picture so that you don’t have 10 chins and you don’t look like you’re pooping.

To help me with the inane yet important topic, I enlisted the help of my daughter Lexi (who was 4 when we shot this), since she is a little ham for the cameras and knows how to work a pose like Heidi Klum in her heyday.

This photo below is an example of what NOT to do, by the way. No pouty, kissy faces allowed.

How to take a good photo and pose for the camera

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    I can never figure out what to do with my legs in pictures. Which one gets bent, the front one or the back one? And should I stand at an angle or do a side shot or just face forward in a group shot to look skinier?! Here’s a tip: if you sort of flex your collar bone forward, your bones jut out, which makes a gal look skinnier! Oh! And don’t forget to suck in your tummy!

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