review of justin timberlake’s 20/20 experience part 2 of 2

Mama Mary reviews JT's 20/20 Experience Part 2

Justin Timberlake is giving us more music, hot diggety dog! He listened to our pleas during those seven years of leaving us jam-less, when he deserted us for the silver screen and has given not 1 but 2 albums in the past few months. His music is where it’s at, so, today, I am one happy fan.

I’ve had the album on repeat since downloading my pre-order last night and here are my thoughts on all the track listings:

Gimme What I Don’t Want – Yes, please and thank you VERY much. This song is the first on the album, it’s hot, sexy, very JT and gives me exactly what I want.

True Blood –It wasn’t love at first byte, but it’s grown on me after a few listens and now I think I’m starting to grow fangs. I want to see a dance on SYTYCD choreographed by Mark Kanemura or Sonya Tayeh to this song.

Cabaret – Hello, Timbaland. So nice to see you again. For those of you who loved the Future, Sex, Love, Sound album, this is the closest sounding to that album.  It makes me want to put on fishnets and a black hat, grab a chair and get all Bob Fosse on it.

TKO – Another one that’s growing on me but really, I could do without the lyrics that say, “She kills me with that coochicoo.”

Take Back the Night: I’ve been in love with this song since the first listen a few months ago. The Michael Jackson throw back sound to this song is infectious and luscious. I can’t get enough of this song!

Murder – Murder is an appropriate title. He killed this one. Killed. It. Oh, and Jay Z makes an appearance. Bang, bang, I die.

Drink You Away— AKA JT Sings The Blues. Oh sing it brother. This song is the guy’s answer to Alannis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill and almost makes me want to experience a breakup (I said almost!) so I can get drunk and drown my sorrows to it.You Got It – This jam takes me back to my Johnny Gill listening days, if you know what I mean.

Amnesia— Again, another aptly titled song as it’s fairly forgettable. And no need to remember it. Moving on.

Only When I Walk AwaySeductive and sultry with a Darling Nikki feel.

Not a Bad Thing – Oh, this is such a very, very good thing. This closing tune has an old school 90’s NSync vibe. I love the lyrics and the way he can drop the F bomb like it’s no big deal. Note to self: Download the kid safe version asap.  And don’t turn this jam off too soon. At 5:25, he segues into a slow jam reminiscent of Michael’s “She’s Out of My Life” letting us see his soft side. Titto, pass me a Tissue.

In true JT style, many of the songs are long and have an entirely new sound in the second half of the song than in the first part. Give the CD a full three listens through until you decide what you think. Although there are a few songs that I could do without, I can safely say that JT fans will not be disappointed.  The 20/20 Experience Part #2 of 2 has won my heart, my loins, and my recently sprouted fangs.
Review of Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience Part 2 of 2


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