age appropriate halloween costumes, halitosis and getting built with shane duffy as seen on fox 5

Being on our local Fox news station every week has it’s fun perks, like when I got to meet Robin Antin of the Pussycat Dolls and Arsenio Hall of Arsenio Hall. This week, my fellow panelists and I had the pleasure of meeting Shane Duffy from the DIY reality show “Built.”

Meet Shane:

Fox 5 Shane Duffy from Hott and Handy on Built

A few years ago, Shane started a company called Hott & Handy, which is a service where hot male models come and fix whatever needs fixin’. I could’ve used these services over the weekend when my dishwasher broke, my husband was traveling and I was wondering why Mike Delfino wasn’t my next door neighbor.

Then, Shane and his co-fixers starred on a TV show called Built.

Now, Shane is working on a number of projects, so follow him on Twitter or Instagram to find out what he’ll be fixin’ next.

Now enough with the eye candy and on to our parenting segment . . .

Getting Built on Fox 5 with Shane Duffy and Ask the Moms

Oh no, wait, that was more Shane. Okay, now really, onto our parenting segment.

Our video questions this week covered a wide range of topics from halitosis to halloween costumes. Check out the video below to see our tips on how to handle halitosis in kids, how to make kids of a blended family feel better, and how to know whether or not a halloween costume for your kiddo is inappropriate.

If you have any parenting questions of your own, just record it on your iPhone or iPad and send it to mary @ mamamaryshow dot com.


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    Jean says:

    Nice segue from hunky builder to parenting tips! I’m about to watch the video, but wanted to tell you I LOVE your dress!!!!!

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