banning lap seats on airplanes plus sexting and binge drinking in minors as seen on fox 5

There are certain parenting topics that give me immense anxiety, as in, I’m gonna need to break open my break-in-case-of-emergency bottle of Xanax anxiety. You know, the bottle that my doctor prescribed to me last year when I was suffering from panic attacks; the one I haven’t touched but have thought about opening several times (there is something to be said for the placebo effect).

When I see headlines like,

Teen boys sexting more than ever

Binge drinking in high schoolers is still a problem

That is when that special type of anxiety kicks in.

I think to myself, OH MY GOD, how in the hell am I going to parent two teen girls? Two out-going, saucy girls, who love attention and to have fun, just like their mother.

And then I go on TV, talk about the topics above, and end the segment by saying, “I need a drink.”

Yes, I did that on Fox 5 news today. Proof is in the video below.

I know that every generation deals with their own parenting woes, and that teens are no strangers to drinking, drugs and sex, but good God, the digital era is making everything so extreme and intensified.

I have a feeling that that Xanax bottle will remain nestled in my purse for many years to come. And for now, I am just going to love on my daughters, and hopefully help them to them know their own worth. Then, hopefully, if and when they find themselves with a tough decision or a viral video predicament, they will get through it with self-respect, grace and dignity.


Totally OFF the subject above, but a very important subject on it’s own accord, is the first subject we talk about in the video below, which is whether or not children under 3 should be allowed to sit on their parent’s laps on airplane flights. Since 1953, the FAA has stated that children under three years old are not required to have their own seat or to be restrained. A senior flight attendant, Jan Brown, who survived a flight that crashed in Sioux City Iowa in 1989, is trying to get a petition signed to go to the White House that will put a ban on lap sitting on airplanes. For a more detailed article on this issue, check on the post on Babble, or just watch our video from our news segment below.

Chime in on the comments below: Are you willing to pay extra money on a flight to have your child in a safely restrained seat?

Petition to ban lap sitting on air flights for children



  1. 1
    Maria says:

    I only made it through the lap sitting portion of the segment. When I saw the sexting topic the anxiety started to rise. My opinion on the lap sitting during a flight is that it’s dangerous. It should be illegal. My friend who’s a pediatrician has been advocating no lap sitting for years now.

  2. 2
    Mariana Salerno says:

    Oh lawd if your girls are anything like we were in high school then buckle up and make that a double!! Seriously though, we came out ok so have faith that you are raising them right (which you are)!!

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