creating bucket lists, dream boards and wish lists with your family

At the beginning of the summer, our family sat down one night after dinner and came up with our Summer Bucket List. I didn’t bother to tell my kids the morbid origin of the term”bucket list” (which is things you want to do before you kick the proverbial bucket), we’re just going on the assumption that it’s things you want to do in a certain amount of time.

Creating dream boards and bucket lists with the family

I once read a book called, Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It, so I’m all about writing down goals.  I loved the idea of a family “bucket list” as soon as I heard it because I knew it would give us some guidance for our summer plans, plus it’s so similar to our Family Dream Board making concept that I knew it would be a hit.

So, one night in early June, we gathered around the table and came up with activities and personal goals that we all wanted to do and reach over the summer. It was a fun family activity that we all took part in. We hung it on the wall of our living room and referred to it throughout the summer, taking turns checking items off, and making sure we were on track to get most the items checked off. Only 4 of the items didn’t get checked off, which is pretty good odds, if you ask me.

Dream boards and bucket lists with family

Each of us took turns adding a few items to the list and the items included everything from places we wanted to go to things we wanted to accomplish. For example, Lexi added that she wanted to learn how to ride a bike, which she didn’t quite master, and that she wanted to learn how to do the coffee grinder break dancing move in her hip hop dance class.

Here is proof that she mastered that tricky move by the end of August:

I can’t even do that move!


Now that fall has begun, I’m thinking of creating a Family Holiday Wish List, not just with stuff that we all want for Christmas (I’ve started a Pinterest Board for that), but also to include the activities that we want to do and some of the nice things we want to do for others. I’ll get back to you on what we come up for that.

In the meantime, try creating some sort of dream/vision board with your family. You can even try one online at DreamItAlive, which is a site where you can create virtual dream boards.



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    Stefanie says:

    This is awesome!! What a great idea. We will be implementing this for the holiday season. Can’t wait to have a family dinner tomorrow night to get it going.

  2. 2

    We have done a Summer Bucket List the last few years and the kids get a kick out of creating it! Totally makes sense to do a Holiday Dream List —- what an inspiring thing to include “doing things for others” in the mix so it is not all about us. Great way to teach the holiday spirit too ; ) Thanks for sharing your great idea that I’m totally stealing.

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