DIY halloween nail art

Some more halloween craftiness coming your way in the shape of DIY Halloween themed nail art!

halloween inspired nail artA few months ago I learned how to do cute heart nail heart via vlogger extraordaire, Kandee Johnson. Basically all you need is a bobby pin and a steady hand. I decided to use a similar method to do some halloween themed nail art for my kids and for myself.

All you need:

  • Black, white and orange nail polish
  • A paper plate
  • A bobby pin


  • Paint two coats the polish on any fingers you choose. I would suggest white on the pinky & thumb, black for the ring and fore fingers and orange for the middle.
  • Once the two coats are dry, pour a little black nail polish on a paper plate, open up a bobby pin, dip one tip of the bobby pin in the black and you’re ready to get crafty.
  • On the pinky I did a little bat, on the thumb I did two dots for eyes and a squiggly mouth, and for the pumpkin, I did two triangle eyes and a squiggly mouth.
  • To make the triangle eyes, do three dots in a triangle shape and then connect the dots.

You could also bring in some purple and lime green since those are the more contemporary colors for Halloween, but to keep it simple I stuck with orange, black and white.

If you look closely at the image you’ll see I don’t have a very steady hand, as there are some smudges here and there, nevertheless, it still looks cute. No one gets that close to our nails anyway, right?



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