how to shoot video on your iphone — a public service announcement

Now that everyone and even some grandmas have smart phones or some sort of device that shoots video, everyone and even some grandmas are becoming more and more apt to capture footage of their kids, or their dinner, or whatever random run-of-the-mill thing they see. The problem with this is that many people are holding their cameras the WRONG WAY!

Yes, when taking photos it is great to hold the camera vertically (which means up and down for those of you who missed that day in school), however, when shooting video, you need to hold the camera horizontally.

Please for the love of God and all that is viral, hear, heed and forward this message, this Public Service Announcement. Watch the video above to find out what I am talking about, and spread the word! You might just help save the lives of hundred of YouTube uploads.

how should I hold the phone when taking video



  1. 1
    Spencer says:

    As a professional news videographer I whole heartedly endorse this public service announcement!!! You wouldn’t believe how many people come to me at breaking news stories saying “I got video on my phone”. Only for me to have to say I can’t use it because it’s vertical not horizontal!!! It’s like your TV people hahaha Nice job and great assistants you’ve got there ;)

    • Mary says:

      Oh yes, for the videos submitted for the Ask the Moms we are always needing people to re-do them horizontally.

  2. 2

    I have a couple of videos that I took a long time ago taken vertically – but was too lazy to change them. I do know how annoying those black bars are on the side… I won’t usually finish watching a video. Hmmmm… maybe I need to do some homework and reshoot those videos. Wait, are you making fun of the PUMPKIN video I took of Owen?

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