a letter to my daughter

A letter to my daughter

photo by Chris Nelson Photography

Last week my daughter Lily was the “Star Student” in her classroom. Not the kind of star student where she’s been extra specially good and therefore gets a bumper sticker that I would’ve had to inadvertently misplace, but the kind that the teacher picks at random so that every kid in the classroom gets to stand out and have the spotlight. In a classroom of 33 kids, I love this idea and I loved the pride Lily felt every day as she recounted to me the cool things she was able to do because of this special honor.

On Wednesday of her Star Student week, the teacher asked us, her family members to write letters to Lily that she would read aloud to the class. Being a blogger I get to write about Lily a lot, but she doesn’t typically read my blog (though that might change soon since she can read now . . . I better be careful) so I had a lot of fun with my task.

Here is my letter to my not-so-little Lil. I hope the last line did not embarrass her too much.

a star student gets a love letter from mom





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    Jean says:

    That is super sweet! I’m positive Lil and her classmates enjoy your letter…. even the farty last line. :-)

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