healthy snacks, misbehaving first graders, and kids’ extracurricular activities

This week’s Ask the Moms video segment focused on three very different topics:

1) What do you do if your kid wants to quit his or her extracurricular activity?

Force them to stay because you made the commitment or move on to the next activity since you want them to be happy doing what they are doing outside of the classroom? It’s kinda a combo of both. See how we answered in the video below.
P.S. This subject reminds me of one of my favorite SNL sketches where Will Ferrell is yelling at his Little League playing son to “GET ON THE BAG!

Ask the moms on Fox 5 San Diego handle questions on extracurricular activities

2) What to do for a 1st grader who is misbehaving in class?

There are a lot of potential causes for a kid to misbehave in class. Rachel, the psychologist on the panel, always says, “If he is misbehaving it’s because he not having his needs met.” The tricky part is determining what those needs are since every child is different. We go into more detail in the clip below.

3) How to get kids to eat healthy snacks.

We have had at least 5 questions on this topic over the past few months so, clearly, it weighs heavily on moms’ minds. My lame expert answer was to make cute snacks in bento boxes like we see on Pinterest, but a) who really has time to make those things? and b) do we really think kids are going to eat veggies just because they are cut in the shape of Monsters University characters? Well that’s what I said on the news so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Find out what else we had to say by watching the video below.

Tune in every Tuesday at 9:05 and 9:35 for our weekly Ask the Moms segments (except next week, I’ll be on vacay!). And if you have any parenting questions, be sure to send them to me at mary [at] mamamaryshow [dot].


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